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Surgeon Skill–Why It Matters When It Comes To Revision Plastic Surgery

Feb 16, 2019 | Body

Have you recently had plastic surgery? Beverly Hills is an aesthetically pleasing place to live with beautiful shops and nearby beaches. Thus, you want to feel good about how you look when walking the Boulevard or hitting the beaches, but what if you are not pleased with the results of your cosmetic procedure? Having to consider a revision surgery is never a patient’s first choice or focus, but in some cases, it happens and in some situations, it is necessary.

You may have fallen victim to a botched plastic surgery due to surgical error. Or maybe your end goal has changed and now you want to see something different. There are even rare cases, where factors outside the control of the surgeon and patient, can yield a different result. Whatever the reason, revision surgeries do occur and you want to be extra careful the 2nd time around you have the right plastic surgeon helping you.

That is where world-renowned board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz of Beverly Hills can help. A leading expert in helping patients with revision or corrective plastic surgery surgery, he has helped countless women and men get the end results they had desired while restoring their self-confidence. With revision surgery, you need the right surgeon with the right surgical skills and here is why!

The complexity of revision surgery...

In the cosmetic world, revision plastic surgery procedures are considered more complex and require a special kind of surgical skill and care compared to the initial procedure. After patients have waited the recommended recovery time of one year (or in some cases more or less), they are left with a build up of tissue around the surgical area. This is known as scar tissue. Scar tissue is a natural occurrence with surgery and the severity of it varies by patient. It can be influenced by a patient’s genetics, lifestyle factors such as smoking, age, and of course what type of procedure they had done. Plastic surgeons basically go into a revision procedure not knowing how much scar tissue is present. This aspect alone makes revision plastic surgeries more difficult. A highly skilled plastic surgeon needs to make split second decisions when working with this issue in order to provide the best possible end result for the patient.

Other reasons surgical skills are key...

Essentially, revision plastic surgery is correcting what was not right the first time. A skilled surgeon needs to be able to assess the situation and decide the best “surgical” course of action needed to correct the problem. If a facelift is too “tight” or if a breast reduction didn’t leave the breasts small enough, a skilled plastic surgeon will know what surgically needs to be done to make it “right” for the patient this time around. Another important reason a surgeon’s skills matter with revision surgery is minimizing the scarring or not creating new scars, if possible. Ideally, a patient doesn’t want additional scarring aesthetically with their revision procedure. Skilled plastic surgeons will use the best course of action, in order to lessen this concern for a patient.

Importance of surgical experience for revisions...

An experienced plastic surgeon, especially when it comes to revision plastic surgery procedures, can only benefit the patient. Surgical experience with revisions can help a plastic surgeon be familiar with different situations that may arise during the procedure therefore giving the patient a better outcome. It can also benefit a patient finding a surgeon that may specialize in a certain type of revision procedure. This can tailor the experience to what a patient may need to have corrected or changed and put their mind at ease. Most importantly a patient should ask to see before and after photos, even with revision surgeries. This will give you an idea of how they were able to correct or change the end result for a patient giving them what they wanted.

The non-surgical importance of a surgeon with revisions...

Outside the surgical realm of revision surgeries, it is important to find a surgeon that will be compassionate about the emotional side of having another surgery. A patient feels “let down” after their initial procedure didn’t turn out the way they hoped. It can leave patient’s feeling anxious about what they will experience with their revision and if the issue can even be fixed. That is where Dr. Jaime Schwartz’s “patient-first” approach makes him a leading expert, in the Beverly Hills area, for revision surgeries. His point of putting patient’s health and considerations first is why he has a high success rate. Giving patients what they ultimately wanted with their cosmetic procedure, not only surgically, but mentally putting them at ease. A highly skilled Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, like Dr. Schwartz, listens to the patient and finds out what will ultimately make them happy with how they look!

Revision surgeries are never top of the list for what a patient wants after a cosmetic procedure but in some situations they are necessary. Whether it is correcting a problem or giving a patient what they want with a change in their needs, the plastic surgeon you consider should always be at the top of the list. The surgical care and skill you receive is highly important for cosmetic revision surgeries due to their complexity and the need to get it right for the patient a 2nd time around. Call the office of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz of Beverly Hills today to schedule your revision consultation appointment and let him help you get the results you really wanted.



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