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Thinking About Traveling Internationally For Plastic Surgery? Think Again…

Feb 28, 2019 | Body

There is an emerging surge of individuals traveling abroad for plastic surgery procedures. It is called medical tourism when a person travels to a foreign country to receive some sort of medical treatment or cosmetic surgery. Sounds fine, right? Well it is for wealthy individuals that travel abroad receiving quality care from highly recommended doctors. The new problem with “medical tourism” is regarding patients traveling abroad to find cheaper cosmetic help. With the lure of inexpensive plastic surgery done in other countries, from tummy tucks to breast augmentation, medical tourism is on the rise and becoming an empire all its own. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz of Beverly Hills wants to get the word out that you should be cautious about traveling abroad for “cheaper cosmetic surgery”, specifically honing in on botched surgical outcomes and the need for revision plastic surgery upon return. Here, he lists some of the reasons why you should stay local to have plastic surgery.

The lure of it all…

The cosmetic industry continues to thrive with people, especially in Beverly Hills and throughout the U.S., turning to cosmetic help to combat the signs of aging and enhancing the way they look. It is a growing trend with over 17 million invasive and non-invasive cosmetic treatments done in the U.S. in 2017, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Everyone is wanting a piece of the cosmetic empire and that means individuals in foreign countries trying to tap into the industry as well. Traveling abroad for a cosmetic procedure is offering patients to save 50-80% in some places like Mexico, Brazil, or Japan. In addition, even more countries are coming on board such Russia, India, and France, to name a few. The United States is still the most expensive country to have a cosmetic procedure performed, but is saving money really the better option in the end?

Going abroad...

In the states, some of the most common cosmetic procedures are breast augmentation, rhinoplasty (nose job) or a facelift. Studies have shown a rise in these procedures and several others being performed internationally. Individuals traveling abroad pay for their plane ticket and hotel stay but then justify their cost with saving on their plastic surgery procedure. It is rarely seen that individuals pay to travel to have non-invasive cosmetic work done like dermal fillers or BOTOX, since these procedures typically cost less making it harder to justify the travel cost. The big hitters in cosmetic surgery are the ones on the rise in foreign countries and with that means a rise of individuals coming back to the states needing post surgical or plastic surgery revision surgery help.

Doctors in other countries...

Dr. Jaime Schwartz of Beverly Hills is a board-certified plastic surgeon, which is the key factor because a board-certified plastic surgeon with an extensive medical background of degrees and certifications significantly increases the change for an optimal, healthy surgical outcome. The common problem happening with medical tourism, in foreign countries, are individuals who lack training, certifications, and quality medical degrees opening their own offices. They offer cheaper cosmetic procedures to patients to get them in the door. Their inexperience, non-qualified training, and lack of skill ends up costing patients more money because of botched plastic surgery results that require revision plastic surgery upon returning and in some cases, these situations can put a patient's life at risk.

Foreign complications...

There are several issues with traveling abroad in order to get a cheaper cosmetic procedure. Being far from home, should complications arise, or a language barrier with the doctor are all factors to take into consideration. Patients are also commonly seen returning with severe infections, post surgical pain that should of subsided, and problems with scarring or wounds not healing properly. In some cases, patients have returned with their post surgical drains, from a tummy tuck, still intact! Sent back to the states with the medical advice to remove them when the patient deemed necessary. There are several risks when seeking cheaper cosmetic surgery abroad as well as in general patients being dissatisfied with their end result. This leaves patients seeking medical help and possible correction surgery with a qualified doctor in the U.S.

Negative effects for the U.S. medical industry…

The United States is still the most expensive country for plastic surgery procedures but the main reason is because we have some of the most qualified plastic surgeons here. With top cosmetic facilities and the latest technology, the U.S. provides quality surgical centers and hospitals to give patients what they need. Individuals seeking cheaper plastic surgery options abroad are not only putting themselves at risk to have a botched outcome, but they are also putting the country’s healthcare system in danger. With so many patients returning in need of medical help and revision plastic surgery, these costly errors are expensive and in some cases require extensive follow-up care. When patients come back to the states seeking corrective or revision surgery, in the end, they will spend double the money.

There is a saying “you get what you pay for”. With medical tourism on the rise, that is something to remember when looking into having a cosmetic procedure done abroad. Finding yourself seeking to travel to get a cheaper tummy tuck or butt lift could cost you more money in the end and in some cases your life. All surgery comes with risk but don’t put yourself in the hands of a surgeon who is under-qualified and lacks experience to do your cosmetic procedure to hopefully save money. There are qualified, board-certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Jaime Schwartz of Beverly Hills, right here in the United States. You will have better care and better end results that won’t cost you more in the end. Call or schedule a consultation, for the cosmetic procedure you want, with Dr. Jaime Schwartz.



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