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Tips To Land The Right Plastic Surgeon In Beverly Hills

Mar 17, 2019 | Body

Plastic surgery was once a topic rarely discussed openly. Today, however, whether you want to turn back the hands of time, attain that hourglass shape, or enhance a specific body part, plastic surgery is front and center with options for everyone. The rise of plastic surgery continues to grow year after year, and with this demand, comes a larger pool of Beverly Hills, CA plastic surgeons to choose from. For most patients, the process of selecting the right surgeon can seem overwhelming. Generally, for most men and women, it starts with some basic due diligence. From that point, most individuals know they have made the right choice based on how the consult shapes out.

Undergoing plastic surgery, whether it’s a small or larger treatment deserves the attention of a skilled, experienced, and reputable plastic surgeon such as renowned, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz, who is one of the leading plastic surgery experts in the Beverly Hills area. Not sure where to start? Keep reading for the top tips to finding the right plastic surgeon for you.


Most patients begin their search for a plastic surgeon with a simple Google search. While Googling “best plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, CA” may give you some names, that is a fraction of what you need to know to find the right person. So while you may have a page or two of names in your returns, it takes more than that when really trying to find the right doctor. However, if you have names from family, friends, or other resources, Google those doctors and see what type of results you get. You can learn a lot about a doctor from this simple search, such as learning about their reviews, seeing where they are located, understanding their credentials, and more.


You will want to know if they are board certified. The American Board of Plastic Surgery is one of the top committees on plastic surgery standards. To get certified with them, your surgeon must have specific training. They must also show expert-level knowledge of cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately, any doctor can legally perform cosmetic surgery in America. They aren't required to have a certification. This makes it even more crucial that you choose a surgeon in Beverly Hills that does have this certification, such as board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jaime Schwartz.


If you are in the market for a facelift, would you go to a doctor that does breast augmentations daily and maybe a small handful of facelifts a year? Likely, no. Find a surgeon in Beverly Hills who has distinct expertise in the treatments you need. There are surgeons who do body contouring and they do it well, regardless if it is the breast, tummy, butt, or thighs. However, there are some plastic surgeons who primarily treat the face and nose. Think about what you want to have done and focus your search on a plastic surgeon within that specialty. Make sure they have performed a number of these surgeries and have the experience to do them correctly.


This is a huge aspect of the research process. Hearing directly what patients have to say about their experience holds a lot of weight. Did they love their results? How did they feel about the doctor’s bedside manner, personality, and ability to answer questions? When a patient gives a good review and tells a positive story about their surgical experience and outcome, that is a good sign that the surgeon is liked by his patients. Staff is also an important topic that is often mentioned in online reviews. A helpful, knowledgeable staff who supports and respects the surgeon translates into a practice that is reputable and well-liked.


If a surgeon does not have before and after photos on their website, ask. As proof of their experience and expertise, you will want to see photos of their work. Seeing surgical outcomes can be very telling, especially if the patient has similarities to you. For example, if it is a breast augmentation of a female of similar height, weight, body type, and breast size, you may be able to relate. If the outcomes are pleasing and you like the results, then this surgeon may be able to do the same for you. Try and look at as many photos as you can to get an idea of how consistent the outcomes are.


This is where it all comes down to making the right choice and most patients will know in the first few minutes if the surgeon is right for them based on personality, bedside manner, and how smoothly the process went to this point. This is where you get to ask all of the necessary questions and allow the surgeon to give you specific answers. Some common questions asked during the consult include:

  • Do you perform a lot of these surgeries each year?
  • What type of anesthesia do you use?
  • What are the risks for my procedure?
  • Is this the right procedure for me?
  • How will the surgery go and will anyone else be in the OR?
  • What will my recovery be like?
  • What kind of results can I expect?

In addition, during the consult, cost should be discussed. The total cost of your procedure could be a lot more than just the surgeon's fee. Make sure you understand the total cost of your treatment and how the fees work. There are first the surgeon’s fees and then generally there are fees for the anesthesiologist, operating room fees, recovery, and more. A practice that is organized and helpful will have a full breakdown for you to review, as well as offer various payment and financing options.

So, are you ready to start your search for the right plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills? From doing your own due diligence to asking questions, reading reviews, and personally meeting the surgeon, you can learn a lot and feel confident in your decision to have plastic surgery. To start, we invite you to call the Beverly Hills office of board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jaime Schwartz, and allow us to help you as you begin your plastic surgery journey.



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