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Want A Better Butt? Eight Facts About The Brazilian Butt Lift

Oct 20, 2019 | Body

The Brazilian butt lift is a popular procedure that gives your backside a boost in volume. At the Beverly Hills, CA, office of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz, you can learn the important facts about Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgery so you can enjoy truly beautiful results. Learn about getting shapelier, more defined buttocks by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Schwartz today.

1. A Brazilian butt lift addresses both the shape and size of your backside.

A flat bottom can be caused by genetics, aging, or weight fluctuations. Contrary to popular belief, BBL surgery doesn’t just give you added volume in the backside. In fact, most women who opt for this procedure are looking for an enhanced shape. By working with an experienced surgeon, a Brazilian butt lift can offer both volume and contour. Dr. Schwartz offers a signature LipoLift® Brazilian butt lift to achieve rounder, fuller buttocks naturally. Discuss your cosmetic goals with us during your private consultation.

2. You have more than one option for enhancement.

There are several techniques to a Brazilian butt lift that give patients the appearance they desire. During the first part of this two-step procedure, we use liposuction to remove excess fat from another area of the body. Then we transfer it to the buttocks without the use of implants. Patients who do not have enough natural fat are given the option to use injectable freeze-dried fat.

Common areas for liposuction are the abdomen, waist, and back. This only requires small incisions through which we insert small tubes called cannulas to remove the excess fat. The fat is then processed and injected into the bottom in order to achieve the right shape. Fortunately, liposuction is an added benefit that can enhance your hourglass figure! Dr. Schwartz can discuss your options and create a personalized treatment plan that works best for you.

3. BBL plastic surgery offers natural-looking results.

Nearly everyone has some stubborn fat they’d like to eliminate in their waist, love handles, or other areas. With liposuction, you can bring out the natural curves of your body and your bottom at the same time. While implants are also a valid tool used in surgery, they involve placing a synthetic material in your body. Because BBL surgery uses your body’s own fat, the procedure offers the most natural-looking results possible.

4. Squats (and other workouts) won’t give you the same results.

Maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle is important. While certain exercises such as squats can give you plenty of definition and muscle, they may not give you the volume you want. This is especially true for those who want dramatic results from their BBL plastic surgery. Dr. Schwartz can give you a more balanced silhouette without going to the gym. Even better, you will be able to continue your active lifestyle as normal following surgery.

5. A Brazilian butt lift is an outpatient procedure.

Based on the extent of the surgery, you can expect a Brazilian butt lift to take about 1 – 4 hours to complete. Afterward, you can return home with the help of a responsible adult or family member. While the Brazilian butt lift is an outpatient procedure, Dr. Schwartz and his dedicated staff will still give you follow-up instructions and fully prepare you for the recovery process.

6. You’ll need a special pillow during recovery.

After BBL surgery, there is more than one area that needs time to heal, including where the fat was extracted. It is essential to avoid placing weight on your bottom for a couple of weeks after surgery, or the fat may shift out of place. Our team can give you information about a special recovery pillow that will take the pressure off your bottom while you rest. Once the swelling has gone down, you should be able to see the final results in about 4 – 6 weeks. You will notice a slimmer, more contoured body with a beautiful backside!

7. Plan some time off from work.

Everyone recovers from surgery differently, so give yourself a chance to recuperate. Most patients like to take off 7 – 10 days from work to avoid interfering with their final results. Dr. Schwartz will suggest wearing a compression garment to promote healing and healthy blood circulation. It’s important to follow recovery guidelines as precisely as possible to minimize complications. He may also prescribe pain medication to help you feel more comfortable.

8. Results won’t happen overnight!

Although you’re excited to see your BBL plastic surgery results right away, you won’t see them overnight. It can take several weeks or more for the final outcome to be revealed. Once the swelling diminishes, you can see your body’s new shape and tone. To get the best results, try to stay off your buttocks as much as possible during recovery. Refrain from intense exercise or strenuous activity until Dr. Schwartz gives his approval.

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Highlight your natural curves and get a bodacious bottom that makes you feel beautiful and more confident. At his state-of-the-art practice, Dr. Jaime Schwartz can enhance your body through a Brazilian butt lift. Reach out to our facility today for a private consultation and learn more about getting BBL plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, CA.



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