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Should I Get A Boob Job?

Apr 7, 2018 | Breast

A boob job, also known as a breast augmentation or breast implants, is a surgical procedure where a breast implant is used to increase the size of the breasts, correct asymmetries, or fill out deflated breasts. Any decision to undergo plastic surgery is a highly personal decision, but here are a few things to consider while making your decision:

Breast implants should not affect breastfeeding. Most women do not have issues breastfeeding with breast implants. As a further precaution, I tend to place implants under the muscle (sub-muscular), so as to avoid any contact with the glandular tissue of the breast, to decrease any chances of interference with milk production.

There is such a thing as too big. Implants that are disproportionately large can cause loss of nipple sensation, neck and back pain, and other problems. In my practice, I have developed precise measurement systems, including Vectra 3D imaging, to prevent this. Make sure that the surgeon you have chosen is a board-certified plastic surgeon, and that your exact body measurements and overall proportions have been taken into consideration while choosing what size breast implant will be used during your procedure. The goal is to complement your figure, not distort.

Have realistic expectations about your results. The best candidates for a breast augmentation with implants are women who want an increase in volume, usually a cup size or greater. Some candidates for this type of breast enlargement have undergone a mastectomy and/or breast reconstruction. This is also a preferred method of breast enlargement for transgender women, which is known as a top surgery.

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