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Four Tips To Get The Most Out of Your Brazilian Butt Lift

Jul 23, 2020 | Body

There is no mistaking it. There are beautiful backsides everywhere these days. More women, celebrities, and even men are pondering cosmetic help to enhance their derrieres, and a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) has become a popular choice to achieve it. BBLs utilize a person's unwanted fat, extracted via liposuction, to be injected back into the buttocks to create more shapely, voluminous curves. Brazilian butt lift procedures have, notably, become one of the fastest-growing treatments in the country and continue to give both men and women fantastic results.

When it comes to considering Brazilian butt lift surgery, patients can turn to world-renowned, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz to reach their aesthetic goals. At his private practice in Beverly Hills, CA, Dr. Schwartz offers in-person consultations so patients can ask questions, get answers, and find out if they are the ideal candidate for this type of cosmetic treatment. He will do an evaluation, discuss your personal goals, and determine the right course of action. Learn more about Brazilian butt lift surgery and BBL recovery here.


Read on to get helpful tips about four important ways to maximize your Brazilian butt lift results.


Almost everyone has some fat they would like to eliminate, either on their stomach, thighs, or other areas. A Brazilian butt lift procedure offers a two-part enhancement by using liposuction to bring out the natural curves hiding under that extra fat and giving a person's backside a boost at the same time. However, this cosmetic surgery is not about merely transferring fat cells from one location to another. It requires a fat grafting, body contouring expert like Dr. Schwartz, to get optimal results. With his vast experience and knowledge, he can artfully craft and sculpt the right contours for women and men in Beverly Hills, CA.


After Brazilian butt lift surgery, patients will return home to recover. There will be different sections on the body that will need to heal – the donor area where fat was extracted and the augmented area. While some grafted fat cells will naturally die off, to retain as many as possible during the BBL recovery period, patients must refrain from applying direct pressure on their buttocks area for at least ten days. The newly grafted cells will be the weakest right after surgery, but will gain strength over the next 2 – 3 weeks during the healing process. Sitting or lying directly on the buttocks can restrict blood flow and destroy transplanted fat cells. After approximately two weeks, patients can begin sitting, but not for an extended period. After about three weeks, the fat cells that survived will be fully established and permanent.


During BBL recovery, it is not unusual for patients to experience some mild discomfort, soreness, and swelling. Dr. Schwartz will provide patients with a unique compression garment to be worn for several weeks after the procedure. It will be a snug fit to help reduce swelling and promote the healing process, but not too tight to cause undue pressure on the augmented area. Patients will wear their compression garment consistently for the first three weeks, then periodically per Dr. Schwartz's instructions.


Like with any surgical procedure, there is a risk of a blood clot. Patients can help prevent this by drinking plenty of fluids and remaining active. Simple movements can be done daily during BBL recovery, such as getting up and moving around, light walking, or flexing the feet while resting. These types of actions will promote proper blood flow, improving circulation to escalate the healing process and prevent a blood clot from forming. However, patients should avoid strenuous activities or exercises until fully healed or cleared by Dr. Schwartz.

Although patients are excited about what to expect after BBL surgery, their results won't happen overnight. It will take several weeks for the swelling to diminish entirely and for the grafted fat cells to become established. However, if patients follow post-op instructions and these helpful tips, they can begin enjoying their new look in no time.

If you want a more sculpted, rounder backside, it has never been easier to get one with a Brazilian butt lift procedure. World-renowned, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz can produce a more contoured, fuller derriere that is sure to improve your appearance and help you feel more confident about how you look. Contact the Beverly Hills, CA office of Dr. Jaime Schwartz to learn more about this fat grafting procedure that can benefit you.



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