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Back Attack! How After Weight Loss Plastic Surgery Can Reshape Your Back

Feb 4, 2019 | Body

When you look in the mirror, do you see loose and sagging skin on your upper back? Does your skin “drape” like curtains or hang over your bra strap? The hard part of your weight loss journey is mostly done, but in some cases, losing a significant amount of weight can cause another issue: excess skin in the upper back.

Losing weight, especially a significant amount, is a step in the right direction, leading you down the path to a healthier lifestyle and being more active. The downside with weight loss is what it leaves behind, which in many cases is sagging, loose skin that can’t “bounce back” even with diet and exercise. Removing excess skin or stubborn fatty deposits is the only way to turn your backside around. That is where board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jaime Schwartz of Beverly Hills, can provide you a solution. An upper back lift or bra lift can be the answer you need to get you looking good from every angle.

Weight loss and the back side to it...

After losing weight, some women and even men, struggle with “back rolls” that affect the upper back area. For women, it is the excess skin that hangs over or under the bra area so it can also be called “bra-line back fat”. Back fat is one of the most difficult areas to get rid of on your own. If you are struggling with loose skin, no amount of exercising can change the way your back looks. Weight loss can also cause fatty deposits to settle in certain areas, especially on the back. That is where an upper back lift or bra lift procedure can help.

The Answer to Shape up Your Back

Losing the weight is rewarding but carrying around the excess skin left behind can be a drawback. An upper back lift or bra lift can improve your quality of life. It can make you more comfortable and make the process of finding new clothes much easier. Body contouring, with an upper back lift or bra lift procedure, is a surgical procedure done under general anesthesia. This innovative procedure involves an incision, made at the “bra-line” area, to remove excess skin and tighten the remaining skin left behind. Liposuction is generally used prior to removing excess skin in order to eliminate any stubborn fat cells. This will help enhance the contouring process so patients won’t see those bulging upper back “love handles” anymore.

From Front to Back

Since the upper back lift or bra lift affects the back side, it can be used in combo with other cosmetic procedures like a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. In fact, it is often performed with a reverse tummy tuck, which address the area of the front torso above the belly button. This allows patients to reshape their front and back side at the same time. It also allows patients to go through just one recovery. This dual effort creates a slimmer, sleeker all-around contour that can be very transforming for our Beverly Hills patients.

Common Questions About an Upper Back Lift

Is it right for me?
If you are troubled by skin folds on your back from a major weight loss that create an unpleasing appearance, then his surgery may be right for you.

Are my folds just skin?
When a significant amount of weight is lost, there can be a considerable amount of loose skin left in the upper back area. There is usually some fat present as well, but the folds are generally not because of fat. If you feel your folds and they feel dense, this means you have loose skin. If there is more fat involved, you will feel a fuller fold, which indicates an abundance of fat.

Are there any other treatments available?
Unfortunately, the only way to remove loose skin in the back area is through cosmetic skin removal surgery. This can remove the skin folds and create a flat, more appealing back side.

Will I be scarred?
Upper back lift surgery does involve incisions that are usually visible. However, the results from an upper back lift are so dramatic, the scars are almost always secondary. The surgery does leave a long thin scar across the patient’s back, but it fades in time with proper post-surgical care. In addition, many times for women this scarring can be concealed beneath a bra or bathing suit.

Will the folds come back?
Skin removal surgery is a permanent solution to remove excess skin and create a tighter appearance. However, anyone is at risk for additional weight gain, which could then stretch the skin again. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise will ensure your upper back lift results remain optimal for years to come.

With an upper back lift or bra lift you can shed that extra skin you have been carrying around. You can finally go shopping and not have to worry about working around your upper back rolls and loose draping skin. Skin removal surgery with an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon can create dramatic, life-changing results for Beverly Hills men and women. It can reshape your back and allow you to have a smooth, contoured appearance to help reach your final aesthetic goals. Call the plastic surgery office of Dr. Jaime Schwartz of Beverly Hills today to schedule your consultation appointment to learn more about this transforming cosmetic surgery procedure.



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