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Botched Plastic Surgery: What To Do If It Happens To You

Dec 13, 2018 | Body

You are fully recovered from your cosmetic procedure but what you see in the mirror isn’t what you expected. Though most patients are happy with their results, this can happen. Your plastic surgeon may not have had the experience needed to perform your surgery. Perhaps they didn’t show you any before or after photos of their work. Some patients try and save a dollar on surgery and even though it felt like an “amazing deal” at the time, you realize you do get what you pay for.

These are some of the reasons people fall victim to botched plastic surgeries by, in good faith, choosing the wrong plastic surgeon therefore leaving them unsatisfied with the outcome. A botched plastic surgery can leave patients feeling anxious and worried if it can even be corrected. Poor plastic surgery outcomes can, in fact, be corrected through the process of a revision surgery. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz of Beverly Hills is a world-renowned plastic surgeon and an expert in the field of revision surgeries. He has helped men and women restore their appearance from plastic surgery gone wrong and gives patients hope that they can have their life back.

The process of revision surgery
Revision surgery is never the option anyone wants to consider after having a cosmetic procedure done. There is a physiological factor of anxiety that comes with it. What if it can’t be corrected? Should I go back to my original doctor? Most people fear going back to their original plastic surgeon with their revision surgery will only lead to more issues. You are now left looking for a new plastic surgeon who will listen to your concerns and help you understand how you can get the results you had hoped to see in the mirror. That is where Dr. Jaime Schwartz of Beverly Hills comes in. His practice is one based around a “patient-first” approach along with his expertise in plastic surgery and revision procedures making him the solution to your needs of correcting your botched cosmetic surgery.

Why are you considering revision surgery?
In most cases revision surgery is not done immediately after an initial procedure. It is recommended to give the body enough time to heal properly, which in most instances is a full year but varies depending on what type of procedure you had done. In other words, the saying “it will get worse before it gets better” can be applied to most cosmetic procedures after they are performed but in some instances revision surgery is the only option to correct what you are seeing.

Here are some of the reasons behind considering revision surgery:

  • Your aesthetic goals were not met due to an inexperienced plastic surgeon.
  • You are unhappy and dissatisfied with the end result.
  • Your wounds did not heal properly leaving negative results that need to be corrected.
  • Other surgical complications have occurred post-recovery.

Types of Revision Surgery
In some cases, revision surgery is the only option. Dr. Jaime Schwartz of Beverly Hills is a well-versed plastic surgeon in all types of revision surgeries if you are experiencing any of the issues below:

  • Facelift - The results seem “too tight” or too taut-looking leaving an unnatural, fake look.
  • Chin implant procedure where the implant has been improperly placed and needs to be corrected.
  • Rhinoplasty that has caused complications with breathing and nose function, or an occurrence of asymmetry with the nose; in this situation, perhaps too much cartilage was removed or not enough.
  • Tummy tuck - Common botched outcomes during abdominoplasty include poor wound healing, continued presence of flab in the midsection, or lumpiness and uneven skin due to poor tightening techniques or liposuction (if used).
  • Breast reduction - The initial procedure did not yield the aesthetic results of smaller breasts.
  • Breast augmentation - Improper placement of breast implants leading to asymmetry (one implant is higher or lower, smaller or larger than the other one) or improper placement of both implants (too high, too low are not centered properly in the middle of the chest). Breast augmentation, if not performed correctly, can cause a number of other problems such as a cleavage that is too wide and unbecoming, or double bubble (when the implant sinks too low due to proper placement).
  • Liposuction - Uneven surface area of “peaks and valleys” have formed due to an inexperienced plastic surgeon that was overly aggressive. Visible lumps, uneven skin tone, bulges, and other botched results can occur if the surgeon removed too much or not enough fat in some areas.
  • Eye lift - Lids are pulled up too high or not enough for aesthetic purposes.
  • Poor wound healing - Scar left from initial procedure that didn’t heal properly due to poor surgical technique.
  • Botched reconstruction surgery for a cancer patient where aesthetic goals were not met for the area where a tumor was removed.

Next steps...
Revision surgeries are more complex due to the nature of scar tissue present that has formed from a previous surgery as well as the psychological factor of being concerned that the same surgical procedure done again will not yield better results. All of these factors make the decision to pick the right plastic surgeon this time around for a revision procedure stressful. Dr. Jaime Schwartz of Beverly Hills understands fully what men and women who have had botched plastic surgery feel and he can ease your concerns upon the first consultation. His goal is to get down to the bottom of what happened. Explain in detail what has been done and what needs to be done in order to correct the situation and give you the right result. A treatment plan is then customized using his expertise in revision surgeries with the ultimate goal to restore your self confidence.

Your botched cosmetic surgery can be corrected with the help from Dr. Jaime Schwartz and you can look in the mirror and see the results you had hoped for from the very beginning. It is never the first choice for anyone but it is an option if you are unsatisfied with your initial cosmetic procedure to give you hope! Call the office of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz of Beverly Hills today to schedule your consultation appointment.



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