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Everything You Need To Know About J-Plasma

Dec 17, 2018 | Body

The problem with aging is you may feel younger than ever regardless of your biological number due to a balanced diet, regular exercise, and an overall good lifestyle. However, when you look in the mirror, your skin doesn’t reflect how you feel. The aging process is natural for any part of the body, including our skin, and factors such as stress, sun damage, or even acne at a younger age aids in the breakdown of it as we grow older. So why not consider rejuvenating your skin with a new and innovative cosmetic procedure that doesn't require surgery! It is possible with a ground-breaking skin tightening treatment known as Renuvion (J-Plasma).

Beverly Hills board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz is one of the first plastic surgeons to be trained in performing this noninvasive skin tightening procedure, which has taken the aesthetic industry to a whole new level. Here we explain what it is, what it does, and how it can offer immediate results.


Renuvion/J-Plasma is an amazing new procedure offered by Dr. Schwartz using plasma as an agent, along with helium gas and radiofrequency energy (RF) to reverse the effects of aging on the skin by reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and discolorations as well as tightening minimally loose skin to give it that younger look. Using J-Plasma has been referred to as the “surgery free facelift” but it is not just a treatment that can tighten or rejuvenate the skin on the face. Let’s explore further this fascinating, non-invasive cosmetic procedure now available.


The main goal for most men and women when undergoing a cosmetic procedure that rejuvenates the face or skin is to look younger. As our skin ages, over time it loses elasticity so it may need a tightening “tune-up” as well as the stress of daily life and exposure to such external factors such as sun. Renuvion/J-Plasma offers a cosmetic procedure to address such issues with no surgery, less recovery time, and very few side effects. Some rejuvenation cosmetic procedures are more invasive, such as a facelift or liposuction, which requires considerably more recovery time.

The Renuvion/J-Plasma technique offered by Dr. Jaime Schwartz uses a patented J-Plasma device that takes helium gas and combines it with radiofrequency (RF) energy to convert it into cold helium plasma. This ionized energy of cold helium plasma is then converted into steam and is applied to the skin. Renuvion works in two outstanding ways.

First, it can address areas that need to be treated on top of the skin, such as pigmentation discoloration, acne scars, texture and tone issues, and more. Second, it works to treat the subdermal area of the skin, which means the plasma energy goes beneath the surface to assist with overall skin tightening. This is accomplished with tiny incisions.


The results are usually instant and Renuvion/J-Plasma can be performed by Dr. Schwartz to rejuvenate not only the face but several different areas of the body such as the stomach area, back, neck, thighs or arms and legs. It requires a one time visit that usually only lasts about an hour depending on how large of a skin area is being treated.


If you are looking to transform your skin for a tighter, brighter more youthful look without surgery then this procedure could be the solution for you. While there are a number of noninvasive procedures for skin rejuvenation, Renuvion/J-Plasma stands out as the new and improved way to enhance your skin in all areas of the body not just the face. It can instantly tighten loose skin on your stomach area, underneath your chin, on your neck, or back of your arms or legs. It can remove discoloration in your face due to sun damage or even out skin tones. In one hour, with one visit to our Beverly Hills plastic surgery center, you can learn why this treatment has revolutionized the aesthetic industry.


Renuvion/J-Plasma treatment recovery varies by patient but typically depends on the area and size of area being treated. Typical recovery time is a week with full recovery 2-3 weeks even though skin may still be red but make-up can be applied if the treatment area is on the face. Peeling or crusty skin with itchiness, redness, and mild swelling may be some of the side effects but the instant result is tighter skin that is noticeably smoother and has a youthful glow.

There are several options available today for cosmetic treatments but Renuvion/J-Plasma is the new answer to skin rejuvenation. It can erase the signs of aging that can occur over time with your skin. It gives patients dramatic results with immediate signs of new life without surgery and minimal downtime to recover so you can get back to your life. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz of Beverly Hills is proud to offer this innovative procedure of “skin resurfacing” or tightening with Renuvion/J-Plasma treatments so you can feel good again in your own skin. Call today to schedule your consultation appointment.



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