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Guidelines for Becoming Active Again After Tummy Tuck Surgery

Jul 16, 2019 | Body

A tummy tuck procedure can be a life-changing experience. Women and men who are looking to have a flatter, leaner, and smoother looking midsection can get help with this popular cosmetic surgery. Whether you want to further contour your stomach area after losing weight or eliminate a stubborn trouble spot, a tummy tuck can change your waistline for the better. One common question asked by those considering this procedure is when can you get back to your regular exercise regimen?

Dr. Jaime Schwartz is a highly regarded and well-renown plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA. His extensive medical background and surgical experience has helped countless women and men improve their midsection with a tummy tuck procedure. There are different variations to this type of cosmetic surgery so each tummy tuck can be customized for each patient making recovery a little different for each one. Here are some general guidelines from Dr. Schwartz on how to recover properly from a tummy tuck while slowly getting back to being active again.


Most individuals in the Beverly Hills area that lead a healthy lifestyle and like to exercise are eager to get back into their regular routine after surgery. A tummy tuck procedure is considered a major surgery and requires certain guidelines to be followed during the healing process - especially when it comes to exercising. Patients who start back too quickly typically end up having a longer recovery or could even damage the surgery site. Depending on what type of tummy tuck procedure you have done or how extensive it is, Dr. Schwartz will give you a detailed guideline prior to surgery on what can be done and when so you can plan accordingly.


Finding the right, qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Schwartz is important in order to have a successful surgery. Following post-op guidelines is also a large part of this process so you can properly heal and return to an active lifestyle safely.


The most important step in the healing process is to take it slow. Diving into strenuous activity or even performing certain movements too soon can cause patients to have a longer, more difficult recovery. The first two weeks are strictly left to resting and letting your body recover. At two weeks post-op, most patients can begin doing light activity such as walking. Abdominal or core exercises immediately after tummy tuck surgery are forbidden. However, individuals can consider working in certain movements to their daily routine after a few weeks once cleared by Dr. Schwartz. For example, laying down on the floor then moving to a sitting position can be a small start to getting your core muscles retrained while recovering.


As mentioned, after a few weeks, patients can begin to go on light walks. After a tummy tuck procedure, light walking is very rewarding and an easy way to get back to moving again. A smooth, easy motion is more important than distance. Patients can focus on taking longer walks once more of their strength returns per Dr. Schwartz’s orders. Walking is a simple way to kick start your recovery but to reiterate, taking it slow is key.


Any type of core or abdominal exercising, including back muscle strength training, should be avoided for 4-6 weeks. If an individual wants to incorporate any strength training, easy leg or arm exercises can keep a person active while still recovering -- as long as the strength exercises don’t put any strain on the abdominal area. Once the 4-6 weeks are up and a patient has been cleared by Dr. Schwartz, they can slowly start working on some core exercises like planks, pelvic thrusts, and leg lifts to pave the way back to a regular workout routine.


Even though every patient is different and recovers at their own pace, in most cases it can take up to six months to fully get back to normal workouts. A slow, steady pace of incorporating light strength training and walking can be a good start to getting your body back to harder workouts. When targeting your abdominal area, it is highly recommended to have full clearance to do so from Dr. Schwartz. He is the expert and following his guidelines will ensure you are fully recovered in order to enjoy your new results.


A tummy tuck is often the final part of a body transformation among men and women in Beverly Hills. Once the extra weight or excess fat is gone with hard work and regular workouts then most patients can’t wait to get their new results toned up or more fit after their tummy tuck procedure. When patients push and do strenuous exercising too soon, they can put themselves at risk.

  • Workouts typically bring a patient’s blood pressure and heart rate up which can lead to bleeding at the surgical site and other complications.
  • When patients are taking pain medications it can alter muscle control or cause a lack of coordination so individuals could get hurt.
  • Core exercises done too soon can damage the surgical site and even stomach muscles that have been tightened during the tummy tuck procedure.

Working in partnership with a board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Schwartz allows for the best surgical outcome and easiest recovery. While every patient has a different recovery, a few factors remain the same. Stay patient, listen to your body, and follow Dr. Schwartz’s post-op instructions. Getting back to being active is still possible after a tummy tuck procedure but taking it slow will only benefit you in the end.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz is a leading surgical expert in the Beverly Hills area. His surgical practice offers a comfortable environment and his professional staff is here to help you get the aesthetic results you desire. If you are interested in a tummy tuck procedure, we invite you to contact our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Schwartz today.



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