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How Does A Fat Transfer Differ From A Brazilian Butt Lift?

Nov 11, 2019 | Body

Butt augmentation procedures are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments performed today. Everyone is striving to have the perfect-looking backside and turning to plastic surgeons like Dr. Jaime Schwartz for help. Body contouring procedures with a fat transfer or a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) are giving both women and men in Beverly Hills, CA, different options for enhancing their derriere. These two common butt augmentation procedures may have different names but are actually quite similar. 

Age, fluctuating weight, and genetics all play a part in how our buttocks are shaped. Dr. Schwartz is a leading expert and an internationally renowned plastic surgeon known for his surgical expertise and beautiful results. Do you want to have a curvier backside? Would you like more volume and a fuller, rounder butt? Here is a look at two popular ways individuals are transforming their appearance and how expert plastic surgeons like Dr. Schwartz are helping.


A fat transfer to the buttocks and a Brazilian butt lift, also known as a BBL, are essentially the same thing. The main difference is that a Brazilian butt lift is when fat is injected to enhance the buttocks area, whereas a fat transfer, also known as fat grafting, can be performed almost anywhere on the body. Today, many patients are looking to utilize unwanted fat in certain areas to enhance their breasts, pecs, face, and numerous other target spots. The transferring of fat to the buttocks (also known as a Brazilian butt lift) provides both women and men a lift to their backside along with a shapelier, rounder appearance. 


During a Brazilian butt lift, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Schwartz will perform his signature LipoLift® technique to extract unwanted fat from likely target areas such as the waist, thighs, flanks (lower back), and hips. The excess fat is purified in a centrifuge process before being injected back into the buttocks area. Small incisions are strategically placed, allowing Dr. Schwartz to creatively sculpt and artistically enhance each patient’s backside, leaving them with fuller, rounder buttocks. Both women and men looking for a natural way to improve their appearance can turn to a Brazilian butt lift and expert plastic surgeon Dr. Schwartz to transform more than one area at the same time. 


Fat grafting or fat transfer to the buttocks gives patients a more natural way to enhance their backside versus butt implants. A fat transfer involves directly implanting unwanted fat and tissue, much like with butt augmentation involving implants. But instead of inserting implants, the source is a patient’s unwanted fatty tissue from another area of their body. It is not uncommon for a fat transfer procedure to be done in conjunction with a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. One requirement with a fat transfer is that patients have enough volume in the donor area to get optimal results for their butt augmentation procedure. Working closely with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Schwartz will ensure that this natural enhancement is the right contouring option before going forward with a treatment plan.


Using a patient’s fat as a natural enhancement is a versatile way to reshape not only the breasts, chest, hands, and face but also the buttocks. Both women and men can struggle with the cosmetic issue of a flat, sagging, or even asymmetrical butt. However, both a BBL and fat transfer procedure can be the body contouring help patients may need. Patients hindered by stubborn fat in their stomach or lower back area can utilize it to boost their backside. 

Unlikely candidates for such procedures are patients who don’t have enough excess fat suitable for the butt augmentation process. To be the right candidate for butt augmentation with a BBL or fat transfer, patients generally should be 10 – 15 lbs. over their ideal body weight. Dr. Schwartz will determine the best course of action after a thorough examination and consultation with each patient. 


Both a BBL and fat transfer offer patients a less invasive option when compared to butt implants. The recovery period is less involved and usually quicker. Most patients can resume working out in about 2 – 3 weeks, only avoiding strenuous activities for the first few days. The overall results of butt augmentation with a BBL or fat transfer are long-lasting with patients who maintain their weight and continue to exercise regularly.

Choosing board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz can help patients get their desired results from a fat transfer or BBL procedure. Dr. Schwartz can manage a patient’s aesthetic goals and minimize any complications while giving each patient natural-looking, incredible results. A BBL or fat transfer can give patients the backside they’ve always wanted while contouring other target areas for an overall whole new look!

If you want to have a rounder, shapelier backside, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jaime Schwartz in Beverly Hills, CA, today. Dr. Schwartz will discuss all your options for butt augmentation and create a customized treatment plan just for you. 



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