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How Long Do Butt Implants Last? And Other Augmentation Questions

Feb 5, 2020 | Body

Today, many people agree that the most desirable body shape includes a rounded, full backside. This means that in the last few years, butt implants have increased in popularity. Board-certified plastic surgeon and internationally recognized specialist Dr. Jaime Schwartz has years of experience performing successful butt augmentations in Beverly Hills, CA. Also called a gluteal augmentation, this procedure gives patients firmer and fuller buttocks using silicone implants.

During implant surgery, Dr. Schwartz makes a single, straightforward incision through which the implants are placed. While the implants used in breast augmentation are soft and supple, the implants in a gluteal procedure are solid and cannot break or leak into the body. An augmented bottom has a firm but natural look, generally equivalent to a person who has been exercising these muscles for a number of years. Schedule a personalized consultation with Dr. Schwartz to learn more about how you can improve your silhouette with implants.


At our Beverly Hills office, we have seen the many benefits of butt implants. A fuller bottom can balance out a person’s figure, especially if they have large breasts or wide hips. Butt augmentation can also lift the buttocks if they are sagging or drooping due to aging. Gluteal augmentation can help men and women feel more attractive, leading to improved confidence and self-esteem. We often hear from patients that this is one of the best cosmetic investments they have ever made.

Ideal candidates for gluteal implants are individuals who are at or near their ideal weight and in overall good health. Patients will need to discuss their medical history and undergo a physical examination with Dr. Schwartz before moving forward with the procedure. Some medical conditions or medications may increase the potential for complications during surgery. During an implant consultation with Dr. Schwartz, he can walk you through the benefits of butt implants, the procedure, and address any questions or concerns you may have.


Gluteal augmentation is performed as an outpatient procedure and typically takes between 2 – 3 hours, which can vary based on the patient’s anatomy and the technique used. Dr. Schwartz will place the implants, which you will have chosen during your consultation, through a single, well-hidden incision that should eventually heal flat and be almost undetectable. Based on your unique needs, Dr. Schwartz may also perform a fat transfer for even more dramatic results.

Most patients recover from surgery in about 1 – 2 weeks, during which they will be instructed to limit sitting on the buttocks or putting pressure on the gluteal muscles. This will allow the gluteal implants to settle into their proper positions in the body. Patients may be given a compression garment to protect the area from damage during the healing process. Dr. Schwartz or a member of his team will provide easy-to-follow aftercare instructions.


Gluteal implants can offer a dramatic improvement in the volume and contour of the bottom. The good news is that implants are meant to be durable, and a successful augmentation procedure can last for years to come. Silicone butt implants can look great for at least 10 years or more. Conversely, patients who are unhappy with their results may experience potential discomfort and loss of self-esteem. This is why choosing an appropriate implant size and type for your body frame is so important. With his experience and skill, Dr. Schwartz will guide you toward the right implants and procedure for your desired outcome.


Are you ready to experience the hourglass shape you have always wanted? At our plastic surgery clinic, patients choose butt implants to achieve their personal aesthetic goals. They are an ideal option for a more defined, rounder shape and an attractive silhouette. Implants are also a viable choice for individuals who have recently lost weight and want to retain some of their natural shape.

If you are considering butt implants, now is the time to take the leap. After gluteal augmentation, patients tell us that their clothes fit better, their confidence levels have improved, and they feel more attractive. To learn more about the benefits of butt implants, contact the office of Dr. Jaime Schwartz in Beverly Hills, CA to schedule your consultation.



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