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I Have Botched Thighs From Liposuction…Is There Help?

Dec 20, 2018 | Body

Thousands of plastic surgery procedures are performed daily throughout this country, especially in the area of liposuction--the surgical removal of unwanted fat from the body. When done correctly it can help contour the body to look slimmer, more toned, and healthy. In Beverly Hills, CA, it is considered one of the most sought after treatments by both men and women alike. While many areas of the body can be addressed with liposuction, the inner and outer thighs, for women and even some men, is a common area of concern and one that is considered quite often for slimming and contouring.

Most individuals are pleased with their results once they have fully recovered from this cosmetic procedure, but there are those unfortunate cases where the end result is unsatisfactory leaving both a disfigured (botched) look and a patient worried that it cannot be corrected.


Liposuction on any area of the body is a very skilled procedure that should be done by a board-certified plastic surgeon. The method of liposuction is done with a cannula device that removes fat from the body in order to change the shape or contour of certain areas such as the back, arms, chin, buttocks, abdominals, hips, or thighs. Most people looking for thigh liposuction want to get rid of excess fat on their inner thighs (to prevent them from rubbing together) or remove excess fat that hangs over their knees. In some cases the removal of “saddlebags” or indentations “peaks and valleys” in the skin need to be removed or smoothed out for a more toned look. It is a common treatment for the thighs and can lead to a slimmer, contoured look.


While it is a difficult topic to address, especially if it happens to you, when thigh liposuction is done poorly by an inexperienced plastic surgeon, the results can leave disfigurement and unsightly thighs with lumps and indentations. To correct a botched liposuction outcome, revision liposuction surgery usually must be performed. In these instances, it is crucial to find a liposuction revision expert, especially one trained and experienced in working with the thighs, to attain a natural, even outcome.


When people fall victim to plastic surgery mishaps especially in the area of liposuction or thigh liposuction it can be psychologically draining to a patient due to worrying they are stuck with their initial procedure’s results. Why do botched thigh liposuctions happen in the first place? Typically an under qualified plastic surgeon is overly aggressive and takes too much or too little fat from the thigh area causing skin deformities to occur. A plastic surgeon can also use the incorrect size of cannula instrument for the procedure which leads to the incorrect amount of fat to be extracted. Also, when performing thigh liposuction if a plastic surgeon does not take great care or have enough skilled training in this area they can damage surrounding tissue or damage blood cells when removing the fat cells, which can cause skin deformities and even scarring.

Here are some signs of a botched thigh liposuction to look for:

  • Skin discolorations that last long after the initial recovery period is over.
  • Uneven areas on the thighs --bigger “hills and valleys” so thighs don’t look smooth.
  • Skin appears saggy or “squishy”.
  • Not enough fat is removed from the inner knee still causing it to overlap or hang over the knee.
  • Pits, indentation, and unsightly grooves along the outer or inner thigh.


Like all revision type surgeries, also known as correction surgeries, thigh revision surgery is aimed at correcting the initial procedure. Dr. Jaime Schwartz is a highly trained professional in the area of thigh revision surgery. Dr. Schwartz will decide after your initial consultation what is the best course of action for your correction surgery as it varies by individual due to the nature of what needs to be fixed. Revision surgeries take great skill as they are complex procedures when trying to correct someone else’s mistake.

During a revision liposuction of the thighs, the surgeon will:

  • Remove excess fat from the “hills” that are still present in order to give the outside thigh area a smoother appearance.
  • Transfer removed fat to “valleys” where too much fat was initially removed in order to even out and give the outside thigh area a natural, smooth look.
  • Removing excess fat above the inner knees that is still present.
  • Removing excess fat on the inner thighs for a smoother, more contoured look.


The recovery from thigh revision surgery is usually a quicker turnaround than the initial procedure so in about 2-3 days you will see results with some swelling and bruising that can occur. Protective compression garments will be worn for the healing process just like on the initial procedure. A big part of the success of a revision surgery is the aftercare and diligence of the patient, all of which is discussed prior to surgery.

Fortunately, men and women considering liposuction of the thighs can rest easy knowing they can have great results under the hands of a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. However, when plastic surgery mishaps, like with a botched thigh liposuction, occurs, we are here to give you hope that it can be corrected. Experts in their field like Dr. Jaime Schwartz of Beverly Hills can give you answers and discuss a customized thigh revision surgery based on your specific concerns that will give you the results you were initially wanting. Call the office of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz of Beverly Hills today to schedule your thigh revision surgery consultation appointment



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