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Reverse Tummy Tuck Explained

Jan 14, 2019 | Body

Are you struggling with loose skin or pockets of fat at the top of your stomach due to weight loss or having a baby? If you are looking to reshape your upper abdominal area so that it appears slimmer and more contoured, a reverse tummy tuck may be your solution. Also referred to as a reverse abdominoplasty, this cosmetic surgery addresses problem areas above the belly button instead of the common tummy tuck approach where the focus is usually below.

Dr. Jaime Schwartz, an internationally recognized plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, specializes in both traditional tummy tuck procedures as well as reverse tummy tucks, which provides a solution to individuals that need to target their upper abdominal area only. This surgery is an effective way to remove loose skin and fat in the upper torso and help you lean out and tone your upper stomach so that you can feel more confident about how you look.


Those looking into a tummy tuck procedure in Beverly Hills do so for a variety of reasons. Women are big fans of this treatment, especially after having a baby or multiple babies, which often leaves loose skin and stretch marks in the abdomen. Men and women who have experienced weight gain then weight loss can also experience loose or sagging skin. Then, of course, there is the natural process of aging where gravity causes laxed skin in the abdominal area. Thankfully, there are a number of tummy tuck options depending on where you loose skin resides and where you carry your weight.

  • A traditional tummy tuck or abdominoplasty contours and tightens loose skin as well as weakened abdominal muscles for both the middle and lower abdominal areas. The incision is made below the belly button and depending on the severity of loose skin present, the incision could be just a couple of inches or extend from hip to hip.
  • A reverse tummy tuck or reverse abdominoplasty involves removing loose skin exclusively on the upper torso. Two incisions or one streamlined incision is made just below the breasts or breast folds where excess skin or fatty tissue is then removed. A reverse tummy tuck doesn’t involve the tightening of the middle or lower abdominal muscles like with a traditional tummy tuck. It is a cosmetic procedure that independently helps to eliminate loose or excess skin to shape and contour the upper torso for a slimmer appearance. In many cases, liposuction is used to remove unwanted fat and the loose skin is trimmed away and pulled tight where the incisions are made under the breasts.


There are also other cosmetic procedures that can be considered being done simultaneously during a reverse tummy tuck due to where the incision is made under the breast area. If you desire to have aesthetic changes made to your breasts, augmentation surgery using implants can be performed through the same incision at the same time as your reverse tummy tuck. In addition, if you have already had a breast augmentation surgery and have noticed that over time your breasts have “dropped”, then the excess skin taken from a reverse tummy tuck can be used as a skin graft and utilized in the breast pocket to hold or reposition an existing breast implant into proper placement.

Many patients also struggle with bra line (upper back) issues as well. Known as an upper back lift, in some patients, it is common to use liposuction and skin tightening to address the upper back area at the same time as a reverse tummy tuck. This gives the entire upper body a slimmer, sleeker look from front to back.

Finally, if a prior tummy tuck procedure has remained intact for the lower abdomen area but due to fluctuation in weight or just the factor of aging the upper portion of the torso has changed, a reverse tummy tuck can be performed to allow for the skin to be tightened towards the rib area under the breasts in order to enhance again the entire abdominal or torso area all at once.


A good candidate for any cosmetic procedure is healthy and will be a non-smoker. Other factors to consider before having a reverse tummy tuck or reverse abdominoplasty is to be within normal weight limits. Fluctuation with weight loss or gain can generally compromise the final results of a reverse tummy tuck or the longevity of maintaining a tight, sculpted abdominal area. Another consideration for women is, mindful if you are done having children as with pregnancy, the skin on the entire abdominal area can be stretched. If you know that you may become pregnant, then it is wise to hold off having this treatment until after your final pregnancy


Just like with a traditional tummy tuck procedure individuals needing minimal loose skin or fatty tissue removed in order to tighten the skin on the upper torso or abdominal area can consider having a mini reverse tummy tuck. Smaller incisions or one smaller, continuous incision is made therefore resulting in shorter recovery time.

If your concern is your abdominal area, but most importantly your upper torso that no amount of dieting, sit-ups, or exercise can seem to help, then a reverse tummy tuck may be the answer for you. A reverse tummy tuck can help slim your upper abdominal area and allow you to wear clothing and garments that simply were not possible before. We invite you to call the plastic surgery office of Beverly Hills board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz to schedule your consultation today.



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