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Top 8 Most Common After Weight Loss Plastic Surgeries

Jan 23, 2019 | Body

Life in Beverly Hills is one where aesthetically everything looks good. But even here in the hills, both men and women battle their weight. If you are one who has recently lost weight and reached your personal goals, we congratulate you! Maybe you are now right where you always wanted to be, or, if you are like some men and women, you now face another challenge--loose skin. This is a common problem among weight loss patients and one that can be resolved with skin removal surgery (also referred to as after weight loss plastic surgery).

You now look and feel fantastic with all the weight you have lost but the loose skin is a constant struggle. It can get in the way of being active, can often be seen through clothing no matter how hard you try to hide it, and it can lead to other frustrations such as skin rashes and dermatological issues.

Why Does This Happen?

With weight gain, especially years of living an overweight life, the skin is stretched and has to expand to accommodate an increase in fat cells. When a significant amount of weight is lost, especially 100+ pounds, skin loses its elasticity and fat pockets can form. In many cases, the skin simply cannot re-adjust to your now slimmer physique. This results in an accumulation of skin that cannot be fixed with a clean diet and exercise. This is where body corrective surgeries can be the answer to get your post weight loss body looking even better.

Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jaime Schwartz of Beverly Hills, is a world renowned surgeon who is experienced in treating weight loss patients to help them achieve the toned, sleek look they desire. With his “patient-first” approach, he treats every patient with a unique and compassionate plan, creating a solution for your body contouring needs after you have done the hard part! Let's take a look of at some of the options that can eliminate the extra skin your weight loss has left behind.

8 Most Common Post Weight Loss Surgeries

If you have excessive skin that hangs from your arms or over your stomach, to name a few, then no matter how many times you lift weights or how many sit ups you do that extra skin is not going to “tighten up” or change. Considering plastic surgery or body contouring is usually a necessary next step especially for bariatric patients to get their skin “back into shape”. When the extra skin is trimmed away it not only will reveal your new body but also boost your self confidence making those new clothes possible!

Top 8 procedures performed:

1) The Face

The face and neck typically show the first signs of major weight loss. It can leave sagging cheeks or jowls, and in most patients, a significant amount of loose skin on the neck. There are numerous types of facelifts that can be discussed depending on where your loose skin resides, as well as your age and overall lifestyle. A neck lift can be combined with a facial rejuvenation treatment or performed alone. Many weight loss patients see dramatic improvements in the neck area alone, making one of of the most common facial surgeries after weight loss.

2) The Arms

An arm lift is a procedure where extra skin left hanging on the arm after weight loss is removed from an incision made on the underside of the arm from the shoulder blade down to the elbow (depending on how much loose skin is present. Commonly referred to as “bat wings”, an arm lift removes this skin and creates a toned arm.

3) The Breasts

Cosmetic breast surgery is one of the most common plastic surgeries performed for both women AND men in Beverly Hills who have lost a large amount of weight. For women, breast reduction surgery or a breast lift can help create a younger, more healthy looking breast, while augmentation can help add volume and “life” back to a deflated breast. Men also deal with excess fat and skin in the chest area after weight loss. For them, male breast reduction treatment can help contour their chest so that it looks more masculine, toned, and flat.

4) The Tummy

Tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a body contouring procedure done to remove excess skin on the abdomen or stomach area. Excessive skin can be removed and even tightening of the abdominal muscles leaving taunt skin in the tummy area. There are other variations to this procedure which includes a mini tummy tuck or upper abdominal tuck so can be customized by Dr. Jaime Schwartz to meet the individual needs of a person.

5) The Thighs

After extreme weight loss, loose skin can gather and hang in the thigh area. This can be very worrisome for patients as they attempt to begin wearing shorts or just want to hit the gym and feel normal. Thigh lift surgery is performed to remove extra skin on the inner and/or outer thigh to shape and contour the upper legs in conjunction with liposuction to reveal smooth, shapelier thighs. It can even help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

6) The Butt

When you lose a significant amount of weight, two things can happen. Your butt can become deflated and loose skin can gather under the buttocks. Both of these conditions can be addressed with a surgical butt lift, which removes excess skin and pulls the upper thigh upward to create a more toned, defined look. Second, for patients desiring more volume, a Brazilian butt lift can be performed to add volume back to the buttock with fat taken from another body part. Whether performed together or separate, butt augmentation can create excellent results for patients

7) Fat Removal

Using liposuction--a procedure using a cannula to remove fat from the body in areas such as the thighs, hips, stomach, buttocks, or neck area, this treatment works to slim down areas that hold pockets of fat and can reshape or contour the body. Liposuction can be used with any body contouring lift//skin tightening treatment, and often is. The primary purpose for liposuction is fat removal.

8) Full Body Lifts

A body lift is considered a “makeover” for the lower or upper half of the body when one or more procedures is done to reshape or contour the body and remove excess skin left after weight loss while tightening the remaining skin. Upper lift involves the arms, breasts and upper back area. The lower body lift involves removing loose or sagging skin in the stomach, back, hips, buttocks or leg area.

If you have lost weight, you are one step closer to your ideal image. If it is time to move forward on your weight loss journey so you can look and feel your best we encourage you to call our Beverly Hills plastic surgery office to learn more. Don’t let loose or sagging skin stand in the way of making your goals and dreams happen. You have options and Dr. Jaime Schwartz is an expert in after weight loss plastic surgery and can help guide you and create the right approach to meet your personal goals.



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