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Unmentionable Musings: The Lowdown on Labiaplasty

Sep 14, 2021 | Body

Dubbed the “designer vagina” by plastic surgery savants, industry professionals, and Instagram beauty influencers alike, the highly requested labia skin tightening cosmetic craze is beginning to take shape in the world of body-beautifying aesthetics. 


Think Mommy Makeover 2.0.  Labiaplasty is the safe, surgical procedure consisting of cosmetically rejuvenating a woman’s labia minora, and in some cases the outer labia major and surrounding clitoral hood, for aesthetic, functional, and sex-enhancing purposes.  Most often requested by - and performed on - mature women who’ve concluded child rearing, labiaplasty addresses symmetry and shape, while reducing size of the labia minora for a more aesthetically-appealing, youthful, “tucked-in” appearance.  In some cases, the labia minora has become so enlarged due to the natural aging process and/or multiple childbirths, that it can cause embarrassing discomfort and diminished sexual confidence.  In very rare instances, girls as young as the impressionable age of twelve, have undergone the budding procedure to help re-shape and re-size their abnormally enlarged labia minora in a non-cosmetic effort to reduce painful friction during common physical activities.  Women with a visually asymmetrical, or uneven, labia minora can suffer from low self-esteem, weakened body image, and compromised sexual confidence.  Relatively a simple, streamlined, and short (no pun intended) procedure, recovery time following labiaplasty is speedy with minimal to zero pain, virtually no scarring, and a return to normal activities that same day, save for sexual intercourse.  Though enthusiastic to flaunt the newly tuned-up twosome down below, and understandably so, patients are advised to refrain from those highly anticipated bedroom frolics for at least 3-4 weeks following labiaplasty surgery.  


There are several reasons why a woman may seek vulva/vaginal rejuvenation on the surgical level, aside from the in-office, non-invasive treatments that have popularized medi-spa menus in the last couple of years.  Here is brief breakdown of the bevy of benefits a labiaplasty procedure could offer:

  • Visually appealing Female Aesthetics - Surrounding excess tissue, including the labia majora and a trimming of the clitoral hood if necessary, are permanently removed to yield a more youthful-looking, toned, tight, and “tucked-in” appearance.  Whether in a loving partnership or a party for one, how your privates look should be the last thing on your mind.  
  • Increased Comfort Sans the Camel Toe - No more painful rubbing, tugging, pulling, or pinching “down there,” especially while performing workout-type moves or donning your favorite, fitted fashion picks, like swimsuits, skinny jeans, and leggings.
  • Heightened Sexual Satisfaction - A common misconception is that labiaplasty will leave the patient with decreased sexual sensitivity, which couldn’t be further from the truth.  The female vulva is rich in pleasure-boosting nerve endings that are biologically homogeneous/evenly distributed throughout the female reproductive region, safeguarding against loss of sensation. Hence, a labiaplasty procedure can exponentially enhance sexual pleasure, especially when performed in conjunction with a clitoral hood reduction.  Be prepared for a renewed, well-deserved sexual awakening!
  • No More Unmentionable Mishaps - Labiaplasty significantly reduces the risk of urinary tract infections, skin rashes/irritations, chafing, and other under-panty undesirables by eliminating excess tissue that can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.
  • One and Done - The beauty of labiaplasty is that it is a one-time, permanent procedure.  When performed correctly, no revision surgery is necessary, including future tune-ups or touch-ups, even if the woman decides to have more children.  

Labiaplasty is quickly becoming an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure amongst older women, and even younger women, who wish to give their “peach” a prettifying makeover.  Find out how this liberating and empowering female aesthetic-perfecting procedure can give you the look and confidence you desire. 



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