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Upper Body Makeover with Reverse Tummy Tuck and Upper Back Lift

Jan 20, 2019 | Body

When you hear the words body contouring or cosmetic surgery makeover, you might instantly think about the breasts or having a flatter lower tummy. However, body contouring can reshape and enhance areas you probably didn’t think about, unless you are the one affected by it. So, ask yourself: Are you finding that you are not happy with what you see in the mirror when you put on your bathing suit because of excess rolls on your upper back hanging over your bathing suit top? Are there areas of your upper body, specifically, that you struggle to slim down or look more contoured? Does the look of your upper torso on the front and back bother you?

If the answer to all of this is yes, then you may want to consider an upper body makeover with a reverse tummy tuck and an upper back lift. Combining these two body contouring treatments that focus on the upper body can transform how you look and feel about yourself. Beverly Hills board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz can create the upper body you desire. So learn more about these treatments and see if they are right for you.

Who should consider these procedures?

An upper body lift typically involves different cosmetic procedures or just one like a breast augmentation (implants), arm lift, reverse tummy tuck, or a bra line back lift to name a few. In this article we are going to explore the option of targeting the upper torso specifically under the breast and bra line area on the front and back. Individuals that combat this area have experienced the following and should consider a reverse tummy tuck and upper back lift combo:

  • Extreme weight loss either with bariatric surgery or with diet and exercise which has caused skin to “drape” due to losing elasticity.

  • Sagging or loose skin under the breast area in the front due to weight loss or the natural aging process.

  • Back rolls or “love handles” on the upper part of the torso on the back also known as “bra fat”.

  • Extra or excessive loose skin post pregnancy.

  • Previously had liposuction done to remove excess fat in those areas which left loose skin.

Body contouring procedures are complicated and should be performed on individuals who are in good health condition and who have maintained a goal weight for 6 months or more. Also, this procedure isn’t just for women. There are as many men in Beverly Hills who find this area of the body as troublesome as women.

Reverse Tummy Tuck and Upper Back Lift

Both cosmetic procedures aim to contour and create a slimmer appearance on the front torso and the upper back. It is performed to create a contoured appearance below the breast so that there is toned definition and to remove excessive skin and fat rolls that accumulate and hang in the ” bra line area” or just below the shoulder blade. Let’s break them down:

  • A reverse tummy tuck involves 2 incisions or just one streamlined incision below the breast area. Excess skin and fatty tissue is removed within the front torso through these incisions and the remaining skin is tucked or pulled tight under the breast area or breast folds. For women, the scar (which lessens over time for both women and men) can be concealed with a bra or bathing suit post recovery. In most cases, the scarring is hidden within the breast fold.

  • An upper back lift (bra line lift) involves one incision to cover the target area under the shoulder blades to trim excess skin and tighten remaining skin by pulling it upwards into the incision area. Sometimes several incisions are made depending on how much draping and loose skin exists.

Liposuction is almost always used with a reverse tummy tuck and upper back lift due to the pockets of fat tissue that accumulate in these areas. Due to the nature and location of both these cosmetic procedures they can be addressed at the same time. Another factor is that neither procedure involves the muscular structure of the body. A traditional tummy tuck tightens the lower abdominal muscles at the same time loose skin is tightened. This involves more recovery time. A reverse tummy tuck and upper back lift do not involve any muscular tightening in order to contour those areas so the recovery for both is equal making it ideal to do at the same time.

Amazing End Results

Dr. Schwartz uses an innovative approach to anesthesia and uses a rapid recovery method that helps patients heal faster with less bruising and complications. Therefore, recovery with both procedures is about 7-10 days to return to work and light activity. Both procedures can have lasting results especially if weight gain is controlled and an ideal weight is maintained. If some fat cells or tissue do come back due to weight gain patients have found these procedures lessened the amount post surgery. You are left with a fully sculpted or contoured upper body that looks slimmer and toned.

No one wants to avoid enjoying the wonderful Beverly Hills weather and outdoor activities our amazing city has to offer. With a reverse tummy tuck and upper back lift, patients can remove their shirts at the beach or wear tank tops with excessive bulges. If you have done the hard part with losing the weight but need a solution to take your upper torso to the next level then these two cosmetic procedures can help with the added bonus the cosmetic procedures can be done at the same time! Call today to schedule your consultation appointment with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz of Beverly Hills.



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