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Is A Breast Implant Removal And Lift Right For You?

Sep 3, 2018 | Breast

Breast implants were all the rage 20 years ago. Small-breasted women across the country ran to plastic surgeons for upgraded, larger breasts.

Now women are moving in droves to have them removed.

While most are fine with the after-effects of breast implant removal, others are disappointed with what's left. But that doesn't have to be the case.

Breast implant removal and lift can be the best option to get what you want.

If you're considering breast implant removal and lift but aren't sure it's for you, you've come to the right place! Stick around to learn more about it.


There are several medical reasons for a woman to want her breast implants removed. From visually unappealing reasons to improving their health.

Implant Rupture

Ruptured breast implants can cause severe pain and discomfort, not to mention make the breasts look disproportionate. With saline implants, the solution is absorbed by the body, so it's apparent that one has ruptured.

Some saline implants experience a slow leak, and the breast deflates over time.

Silicone implant ruptures are less noticeable. The body does not readily absorb silicone, so omen can have ruptured silicone implants and not know it. In this case, the silicone can migrate to other areas of the body.

Capsular Contracture

Hardened implants or tissue around the implant is called capsular contracture. It happens when the pocket the houses the breast implant tightens and squeezes the implant. This can result in hardened, painful, and/or distorted-looking breasts.

Capsular contracture can happen due to excess scar tissue, after infection, or breast trauma.

Breast Infection

A breast infection is an infection of any area of the breast.

Silicone allergy - saline breast implants consist of a saline solution inside of a silicone shell. So, even though the entire implant isn't a silicone, you can still develop a silicone allergy.

Women report symptoms of pain and burning in the breasts, systemic symptoms like joint inflammation, fatigue, and various autoimmune conditions.

It's Just Time

Contrary to popular belief, breast implants don't last forever. While some women can have them for 25 years with no problems, other women can have them for five years and need to have them removed and replaced.

The shelf life of breast implants depends on a number of factors, including a woman's lifestyle and medical history. It's recommended for women to replace her breast implants every 10 to 15 years.

Women can experience rippling with older saline implants because saline is not a cohesive substance. And, gravity plays a roll on implants as well. Sometimes they begin to sag a little more than desired.


The body positivity movement is driving more women to remove their breast implants. Women no longer feel the need to enlarge or augment their breasts to feel attractive or good about themselves.

Others just want to avoid the upkeep like repeatedly going under the knife for periodic replacement and the cost associated with it.

Some women begin to experience back pain over time. With particularly large breasts on a smaller frame, back pain can hinder daily activities.

Regardless of the reason, a breast implant removal and lift is a good option when a woman doesn't want to replace the implant.


Sagging is a potential drawback to explantation of implants. After breast implant removal, you're left with a pocket and skin that's been stretched. If your breast were particularly small before getting implants, the sagging can be pronounced.

This can be mitigated with a breast lift after implant removal. With this procedure, the implant is removed and the breast tissue is tightened and lifted for a fuller, more youthful-looking breast.

"Missing" the implant. Some ladies feel a sense of loss after having implants removed, and occasionally they go back under the knife for new ones. They may want them a little smaller than the previous implant, but they get new ones nonetheless.


Some women have naturally sagging breasts. The connective tissue in the breast is looser, giving a sagging appearance.

Weight gain and weight loss also affect a woman's breasts. As women gain weight their breasts grow and as they lose weight their breasts shrink.

TThe same thing happens for women during pregnancy and lactation. Breastmilk engorgement causes breasts to swell and emptying the breast causes them to "deflate." This can also lead to dimpling, puckering, and rippling.

Women who've had their breast implants removed can also benefit from a breast lift. A breast lift can remedy the deflated look women experience after a breast implant removal.

Many women choose to have a breast fat transfer to fill some of the volume lost when removing the implant. This is a natural way to increase fullness and get rid of unwanted areas of fat such as the stomach, flanks and thighs.


Periareolar Incision

This type of incision goes around the areola. It leaves the scar hidden among the darker contours of the areola, making it less visible than an incision under the crease. The surgeon can also reshape or decrease the size of the areola with this incision if desired.

Anchor Incision

Also known as the inverted T or the Wise Lift, creates an anchorlike incision down the front of the breast, near the crease, and around the areola. With this incision, the surgeon can lift extreme sagging and move the areola higher for the desired look.

Vertical Incision

This incision is also known as the lollipop lift. It creates a single line down the front of the breast and around the areola. It's similar to the anchor incision, with the incision near the crease. This incision also allows the surgeon to move the areola.


If you're thinking about your options for breast implant removal and lift, a consultation is what you need.

The ideal candidate is a woman who has had breast implants, and no longer wants but wishes to retain the same fullness.

Women who've removed implants because of medical complications, who can no longer tolerate implants are also good candidates for the procedure, as the lift requires no foreign bodies to be implanted.

Visit our website to schedule your consultation or learn more about additional procedures we offer.



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