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Breast Revision Surgery–Most Common Reasons For Breast Revision Surgery

Feb 22, 2019 | Breast

Breast revision surgery, in some cases, is deemed necessary. Whether a revision is needed to improve or fix a previous breast augmentation procedure or even in some cases replace and update older implants. Whatever your reason, finding a skilled, qualified plastic surgeon in the Beverly Hills area is key. Breast revision surgeries are more complex due to working with previous incision areas, scar tissue, and in some cases correcting or improving the “botched” work of another doctor. Dr. Jaime Schwartz of Beverly Hills is a highly skilled board-certified plastic surgeon and one of the leading experts in breast revision procedures. If you are unsure if you need a breast revision, here is some more information on why someone would need this surgery and how Dr. Schwartz can help you.

Post breast augmentation surgery...

Cosmetic surgeries, especially breast augmentation, require time for the body to properly heal. In some instances, this can take up to 6 months to a 1 year, depending on what type of cosmetic procedure you had done. For breast augmentation, a typical timeframe is 3-6 months to see the final results before a patient should consider a breast revision. But in some cases, patients notice right away that they may have an issue. Are you not liking what you see? Do you have an issue with one or both of your implants?

Reasons behind considering a breast revision…

Revision surgery is never a patient’s first choice but in some cases it is necessary to get the end result you wanted. The most common reasons why patients consider a breast revision are:

  • You have scars or incisions that didn’t heal properly leaving issues that need to be corrected.

  • Surgical issues or other complications occurred with your implants that need to be addressed.

  • You simply don’t like how your breasts look once properly healed and your implants have “settled”.

  • You aesthetically wanted to be bigger.

Dr. Jaime Schwartz takes the “patient-first” approach with his cosmetic practice. Finding a solution to help a patient, when it comes to breast revisions, makes him one of the top revision surgeons in Beverly Hills. Let’s take a look at some of the common reasons breast revision surgery, with Dr. Schwartz, will be the right solution.

Breast implant issues that need a revision…

Some of the main reasons patients consider breast revision surgery is due to asymmetry, unsatisfied with the breast size and discomfort or complications with their initial breast augmentation procedure. There are several reasons why a breast revision surgery may be needed or desired by a patient to give them the results they wanted.

  • Current breast implants are asymmetrical

  • Current breast implants are too far apart or too close together

  • Older implants that need to be replaced for a more updated implant device

  • Change in breast implant size--patient wants to go bigger or smaller

  • Complete implant removal due to change in patient’s preference

  • Current breast implants have a “rippled” look

  • Improving discomfort or hardening of the implants due to scar tissue or capsular contracture

  • Current implant is visible also called a “double bubble”

  • Implants that have “bottomed out” and sit too low on the chest

  • Ruptured implant--a rare occurrence but can happen and needs to be corrected for patients safety.

Surgical error

Although it is uncommon, cosmetic procedures or surgeries always run the risk of having complications or being “botched”. Patients who don’t choose the right plastic surgeon or may even try to “cut corners” to pay less for their breast augmentation may find themselves needing help to improve or correct their initial surgery. Dr. Jaime Schwartz is a revision specialist in Beverly Hills and strives to find patients the right solution to get them what they wanted the first time around. Once he evaluates your breast implant issue, he will devise a plan and solution to give you the revision help needed so you look amazing!

Your revision plastic surgeon matters...

Breast revision surgery is not a standard cosmetic procedure and needs to be customized to fit every patient’s needs. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jaime Schwartz, will customize your revision procedure to make sure your issues or needs are met. He also uses a state-of-the art type of gentler general anesthesia that can cause a more rapid recovery. It is called Rapid Recuperation (see more details on his website under Procedures). He is leading plastic surgeon, in Beverly Hills, not only with general cosmetic procedures but also with revisions. He will listen to your needs and give you the results you wanted the 2nd time around.

There are several reasons why a patient may be needing a breast implant revision. A patient considering a revision procedure wants to make sure it is the right choice with the right plastic surgeon. If you are experiencing one the issues listed above then breast revision surgery may be the solution you need. You can then finally find yourself looking in the mirror and liking what you see! Call or schedule today your breast revision consultation with Dr. Jaime Schwartz of Beverly Hills.



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