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LipoLift–Innovative New Procedure And What You Need To Know

Jan 30, 2019 | Breast

It is a common misconception that larger breasts are just what a woman wants. If you asked women who have extra large breasts, especially those born with them naturally large, it is more than likely they would say, “I would love to go smaller”. In fact, most women plagued by excessively large breasts deal with a number of social, physical, and emotional issues and would consider a breast reduction to help look and feel normal.

Breast reductions are one of the most common cosmetic breast treatments performed in the United States. Larger breasts are heavier, more cumbersome, and can hinder activities such as exercising. For women with larger breasts, activities such as going for a simple run or trying on the latest clothing styles can be a struggle. In fact, one of the primary disadvantages of shopping when you have extra large breasts, is finding clothes that fit.

This is where the LipoLift can help. This is a newly innovative cosmetic treatment for breast reductions that incorporates liposuction along with a lift procedure to give amazing results. Board-certified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz is a leading expert in using the LipoLift technique to reduce overall breast size and allow women to live a normal life.

What is LipoLift?

LipoLift is an innovative cosmetic procedure that changes the way traditional surgical breast reduction is performed. It is a procedure that shows to be less invasive therefore patients have a quicker recovery. The primary aspect that makes this treatment unique, is that it essentially uses liposuction to be more precise when shaping and reducing the size. It makes the end result of having symmetrical breasts more exact. Let’s explore this new technique further.

The LipoLift Technique

Dr. Schwartz is an internationally known plastic surgeon and one of the leading experts in the Beverly Hills area on using liposuction for lift procedures. He not only uses the LipoLift technique on breast reductions but also does body contouring on other areas such as the legs, abdomen, arms, back, and upper torso. With his “patient-first” approach he found that he can achieve much better results, specifically with breast reductions, by using liposuction to remove excess fatty tissue in the breasts before removing the excess skin for the lift. This new approach allows Dr. Schwartz to contour the breasts to the desired shape and size before skin excision.

Advantages of LipoLift

When using the LipoLift breast reduction technique vs. a traditional breast reduction the following are some advantages:

  • Limited to no loss of nipple sensation (if there was nipple sensation prior to surgery).

  • Some patients gained more nipple sensation (if they were lacking in that area prior to surgery).

  • Less complications post procedure, such as swelling, bleeding, asymmetry, and infection

  • Breasts can be reduced through liposuction from all “angles” of the inner breast tissue therefore leaving a more naturally shaped breast post surgery.

  • Less loss of cleavage when breasts are reduced.

  • Quicker recovery time due to leaving more of the natural blood supply and vessels intact making it less invasive.

Candidates Who Should Consider LipoLift

Women who struggle with large or extremely large breasts (also known as macromastia) struggle with the weight of them. It is an external organ on the body and since breasts contain no ligaments or muscles no form of exercising can improve or lessen the shape. Also, gravity is not helpful in the natural aging process so sagging or ptosis is even more relevant in women with larger breasts. Not only do women with large breasts encounter problems with day to day activities like exercising, playing a sport, putting on a seatbelt, or finding clothes that fit correctly, but large or extremely large breasts can also cause other health problems. Additional health problems may include:

  • Neck and shoulder pain as well as headaches.

  • Poor posture that can lead to having a “hump” developing in their upper back.

  • Dermatological issues such as rashes or chafing skin under the breasts. Also “grooves” can develop in their shoulders from their bra straps and become severely irritated or bleed.

  • Weight from large breasts sitting on the chest cavity can inhibit lung capacity and cause breathing issues.

  • Weight gain due to not being able to exercise.

All of these conditions above, along with being hindered in normal day to day activities, is why a LipoLift breast reduction can be an answer for you.

A LipoLift can improve a woman’s quality of life when dealing with large or extremely large breasts as well as create the desired shape and size to fit her frame. It can renew a woman’s self confidence and make them feel more assured about their overall appearance. There are not only surgical advantages to this new procedure with its less invasive approach and quicker recovery time, but can also create a more natural-looking appearance with precision liposuction methods. With a LipoLift breast reduction, women can start exercising more regularly and fit into the tops they have eyed for years!

If you would like to learn more about cosmetic breast reduction surgery and the unique LipoLift technique, we invite you to call our Beverly Hills plastic surgery center to schedule your consultation.



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