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My Breast Augmentation Results Are Botched. What Now?

Dec 20, 2018 | Breast

The word “botched” is not one you want associated with a surgical procedure, especially a cosmetic one like breast augmentation. Women in Beverly Hills contemplating breast augmentation have excellent options in surgeons, with our city being a mecca for plastic surgery. Unfortunately, an unsatisfactory outcome can sometimes happen. There are a number of reasons why a botched breast augmentation could occur. Perhaps not enough research was done on the surgeon that performed the treatment, or you were able to save money with one doctor versus another. An under-qualified plastic surgeon who does subpar work can leave the breasts looking undesirable.

Women in Beverly Hills who have experienced a poor surgical result often feel worried or concerned that their new breasts don’t look or feel like they should. That is where board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz comes in. Dr. Schwartz is a world-renowned plastic surgeon, who specializes in several areas of plastic surgery, but also in the area of revision surgeries. He helps women who have experienced a botched breast augmentation have a second chance at looking and feeling like they had hoped.


Breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures performed in this country--and in Beverly Hills it is especially popular. Every year thousands of women decide to enhance their bustlines with either saline or silicone implants to increase breast size, shape, and overall look. In most cases, women love their results. There are excellent surgeons who can provide outstanding outcomes. But what happens when surgery is over, you have healed from your post-surgical wounds, and you do not like your results? Depending on the reasons for your unhappiness, a revision surgery may be needed.
So, what are the signs of a botched breast augmentation? Here are a few outcomes that would be considered undesirable and would likely need revision surgery:

  • Bottoming Out: This happens when the implant drops too low due to poor placement or implants being placed in a breast that wasn’t strong enough to hold the implant.
  • Malposition: This happens when breast implants are placed too high or too low, or are spaced too far apart causing the cleavage to appear too wide. Implants can also be spaced too close together, which results in an overcrowding look or “symmastia”.
  • Asymmetrical complications. This occurs when one implant is higher or lower than its counterpart or one that is bigger in size than the other.
  • Rippling. This can occur if an implant recommended by a plastic surgeon is too large especially with slender women or women with thin breast tissue therefore causing the skin around the implant to ripple or look wrinkled.
  • Poor shape of the implants due to poor surgical technique on the initial augmentation procedure.

Unsatisfactory cosmetic surgeries can leave patients feeling stressed and concerned as to whether their breast augmentation procedure can be fixed. In order to obtain a natural, aesthetically appealing look a breast revision surgery of some kind is almost always needed to correct these issues and one that Dr. Schwartz can provide. At your consultation appointment, he will listen to you with compassion, examine your augmentation outcome, and discuss in detail what went wrong and how to correct it.


Breast revision surgery typically involves replacing an implant (switching out implants from saline to silicone or going to a different size) or correcting a deformity that has occurred due to breast augmentation surgery. In some cases, scar tissue will need to be surgically removed, or the breast cavity reconstructed so that the new implant can be secured in its new position. The surgical technique will be discussed during the consultation and tailored to meet the needs of the patient depending on the correction needed. The recovery period for breast revision surgery varies. A revision that needs any type of reconstruction or grafting will have a longer recovery, which could last up to 6 – 8 weeks. Dr. Schwartz will discuss what you can expect while you recover plus tips to help you heal faster.

Dr. Schwartz uses a rapid recovery approach so that his patients heal quickly and safely. After the post-operative time period has passed, patients can look in the mirror and finally be proud of their surgical results.

There is a reason a television show called Botched is now on TV showing viewers surgeries done by under qualified plastic surgeons and how they have to be corrected. Unfortunately, there are some cases when a cosmetic procedure like breast augmentation has a botched outcome. Dr. Jaime Schwartz of Beverly Hills will listen to your concerns, provide hope, help, and a gorgeous result. His approach for his practice of “patient-first” is why he is the answer to your botched cosmetic procedure and getting you back to looking like you should! Call today to schedule your breast revision surgery consultation.



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