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The Dramatic Results A Bra Line Back Lift Can Provide

Jan 17, 2019 | Breast

Losing weight can be a wonderful feeling for Beverly Hills men and women who proactively make changes to their lifestyle so they can sport a slimmer, new figure. However, depending on how much weight was lost, sometimes it can be difficult for the skin to form back into a healthy shape. A common area of struggle for many women and men is loose skin or fatty tissue that “hangs around” on the upper back. The upper back area is hard to tone and shape with just diet and exercise alone, and if a significant amount of weight loss has occurred there can sometimes be a “draping’ effect on the middle and upper back that oftentimes, only surgery can resolve.

Referred to as an upper back lift or a “bra line back lift”, this body contouring and skin tightening procedure removes excess skin and fat on the upper back and allows our Beverly Hills patients to wear the tops they desire without the worry of loose skin.


One would assume that the name of this cosmetic procedure means that it is reserved for women only. But this is definitely not the case. This upper back area is a common problem for both women and men. The upper to middle part of the back, which includes the portion just under the shoulder blades and along the inner sides is a common area to show signs of aging or be a troublesome area to have loose skin after losing weight. This area of loose skin and fat is often labeled the “bra area bulge” or “skin curtains” because of the draping effect they resemble.

Women, in particular, visit our Beverly Hills plastic surgery office because of the annoying and dreaded "bread back" - which consists of unappealing rolls of back fat which make wearing bras uncomfortable. While liposuction can remove the fat in this area, loose skin also remains the culprit. The bra line back lift is a unique surgical procedure where the back rolls and skin are surgically removed, leaving behind a flatter, more contoured back. In most cases, the scar is hidden in the bra line, which means it can be concealed under bathing suit tops and a bra.


Regardless if you are male or female, a bra line back lift is an ideal treatment if you are challenged with the following issues:

  • Fat rolls and bulges that accumulate in the bra-line area of the upper to mid back
  • Loose skin that hangs below the shoulder blades, creating a “draping” look
  • Lax (poor) upper and middle back muscle tissue lax upper and middle back tissue
  • You desire a firmer, more toned, sleeker back look


After a thorough consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon, a treatment plan can be developed to attain a smoother, sleeker backside. During the consultation, the upper back will be assessed and you can ask questions about the procedure, the recovery, and the expected results. A bra line back lift takes places as outpatient surgery and is performed using the Schwartz Rapid Recovery™ method, which starts with anesthesia. Dr. Schwartz uses TIVA, a gentler form of general anesthesia that helps minimize risks and assists in a faster recovery.

During this procedure, an incision is generally made along the target area in the upper back so that excess skin can be removed, which then allows the remaining skin to be pulled tighter. Depending on where the fat and skin reside, there may be more than one incisions, including one near the lower armpit or under the shoulder blade, as well as an incision that runs some of the length of the bra line. Post-operative instructions will be provided so that a safe and quick recovery can take place at home. Full recovery for a bra line back lift takes about 6 months. The back will appear more toned, smooth, and the scar will begin to lessen in appearance.


Beverly Hills patients are left with lasting results with a slimmer more defined upper back area but as always it is recommended to maintain a steady, healthy weight. Fatty cells or tissue can reform on the back area, especially if there is weight gain post surgery. Due to the bra line back lift, if some fatty tissue reappears due to weight gain it should be significantly less than prior to surgery.


Due to the nature of the where the bra line back lift is performed, some patients will also benefit by having their upper abdomen addressed during surgery as well. This is referred to as a reverse tummy tuck and involves removing excess skin and fat in the upper abdomen. In some patients, the loose skin and fat wrap around from the upper front torso to the back, making this adjustment easier to do in one setting. This combination surgery allows for a full upper body makeover slimming both the upper abdominal area and back for a new, slimming all-around shapelier contour.

Unfortunately, when there is hanging, excess skin in the upper and mid back, there is generally no alternative, but to surgically remove and correct the excess skin Thanks to the bra line back lift (or, upper back lift), you don’t have to look in the mirror at unsightly back “bra area” fat or bulges anymore. There is a solution with this innovative cosmetic body contouring procedure. The results quickly will show you a more sleek, contoured back area and make wearing bras, bathing suits, or fitting clothing more comfortable and appealing. We invite you to call the office of Dr. Jaime Schwartz of Beverly Hills today to schedule your consultation appointment.



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