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How Men Are Getting A Buffer Body with Pec Implants

Sep 22, 2019 | Men

Living a healthy lifestyle and being more fitness-focused is a high priority for both women and men today. Every body reacts differently to a regular exercise routine or a healthy diet, including men. Some men may see significant results in their chest area with a regime of weekly weight training sessions or daily push-ups. But for others, more chest definition may be ambiguous and just not something they can achieve despite their best efforts. If that is the case, pectoral implants may be the cosmetic solution to improve the appearance of a man’s chest, giving him a chiseled and more masculine-looking upper body.

Dr. Jaime Schwartz is a board-certified plastic surgeon and leading expert in augmentation procedures specifically targeted for men, including pectoral implants in Beverly Hills, CA. Men who are wanting more chest definition are turning to pectoral implants to enhance the way their chest looks. The ultimate goal of this procedure is to use an implant that naturally forms to the curve and shape of a man’s muscle tissue which gives a natural-looking and more toned appearance to the chest. Below is helpful information from Dr. Schwartz on how you can get the upper torso you always wanted and how he can help. 


Many men seeking more chest definition in Beverly Hills, CA have likely tried all sorts of exercises to get that “built” and muscular-looking chest. For men of all ages, having a well-defined chest area is usually a top priority, but, in some instances, despite every effort, it is not able to be achieved. Today, more men are turning to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz to have a better-looking body and boost their self-confidence. Pectoral implants may be the right cosmetic help for you if:

  • You have pectorals that are asymmetrical or are uneven
  • You want more volume in your pectoral region
  • You feel self-conscious about your lack of pectoral or chest definition
  • You have a hereditary condition that produces an underdeveloped looking chest
  • You have exhausted all other efforts of a healthy lifestyle and a regular exercise routine


Male procedures are aesthetically and surgically different than female ones. Men have different needs than women, and Dr. Schwartz recognizes it is essential to take a different approach with his male patients who undergo plastic surgery in Beverly Hills. Men who feel unhappy or self-conscious about the appearance of their chest area when going shirtless at the gym or the beach or wearing tight-fitting shirts turn to Dr. Schwartz for cosmetic options. During a thorough consultation, Dr. Schwartz will listen to your aesthetic goals and give his professional opinion on which pectoral implant size and type you need to achieve those results. 


Pectoral implants can give healthy, in-shape men a natural-looking enhancement to their chest area. Pectoral implants are made of solid silicone material but are flexible and soft, so they feel like a pectoral muscle once implanted into the body. Dr. Schwartz will determine the shape and size implant depending on a male patient’s body type and aesthetic needs. A permanent solution with instant results, this procedure usually takes about 2 hours with the implants being placed underneath the pectoral muscle through small incisions discreetly placed in the armpit. Dr. Schwartz also uses his patented Schwartz Rapid Recovery method which is a gentler form of anesthesia called TIVA. TIVA is a milder form that allows patients to be comfortable during a surgical procedure but is a more natural recovery. Dr. Schwartz’s technique wears off quicker, and patients can start their recovery process sooner.


Pectoral implants can give men cosmetic support to look more masculine and stronger in their chest area. Men, just like women, are feeling the social pressure to look their best and pec implants can give them both the aesthetic look and boost of self-confidence they may be lacking. In 2-3 weeks after surgery, patients can resume light exercise activity, and within a couple of months, most men are able to thoroughly enjoy their new look.

When exercises alone can’t give men the upper torso they want, pectoral implants may be the answer. Among men in Beverly Hills, pec implants have become an increasingly common request. It is a safe and effective procedure that allows men to improve the way they look when shirtless. If you are considering pectoral implants, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz is here to assist you. With his patient-first approach, Dr. Schwartz has helped his male patients with this surgical procedure to get the masculine, well-defined chest they have always wanted. We invite you to call or schedule a consultation with Dr. Schwartz at his private practice in Beverly Hills today.  



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