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Why Are More Men Opting for Chest Augmentation Procedures?

Aug 21, 2019 | Men

Men are feeling the social pressure to achieve a more muscular, fit look that cannot be achieved just at the gym. Implants for targeted areas such as the calves and pectorals are in high demand and becoming more popular among men. When diet and exercise alone are not giving men the defined look they want, many males are turning to cosmetic surgery for help. Pectoral implant surgery and chest augmentation procedures are taking the leads as popular choices for men today and it doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Men who are wanting more definition to their chest are turning to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz for help. Dr. Schwartz is one of the leading plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills and has been a featured doctor on the hit TV shows The Doctors and Botched. His extensive surgical and medical background has enabled him to help countless women and men obtain the aesthetic goals they desire. Men who are wanting more chest definition with the assistance of chest augmentation can get that well-defined, chiseled look with pectoral implants. Read on for more information on why this cosmetic procedure, along with other forms of chest augmentation, is on the rise among men and how Dr. Schwartz can help make it happen.

Pectoral implants are all the buzz

The popularity of muscular implants among men for target areas such as pectorals, calves, or even the buttocks is a new cosmetic trend that is taking flight. More men are feeling the pressure to be in better shape, thanks in part to social media, and the fact that the general public is becoming more fitness-focused. Men are spending hours at the gym trying to build a sculpted chest with no avail and begin to feel self-conscious about going shirtless. That is one of the reasons why they are turning to chest augmentation. Thanks to innovations in plastic surgery procedures targeted towards males such as pectoral implants, men no longer have to depend solely on ineffective bodybuilding programs or diet restrictions to get a muscular chest. Pectoral implant surgery is giving men in Beverly Hills the definitive results they want.

Want a stronger looking body?

Men want a strong appearance to their chest area. Pectoral implants or chest augmentation offers men a cosmetic option to change how they look when hours at the gym have been exhausted. Men in Beverly Hills can have a well-defined chest thanks to pectoral implants which makes them feel more masculine, stronger, and positive about how they look. This natural-looking enhancement to a man's chest is a cosmetic procedure that Dr. Schwartz offers to healthy men who are in good shape. These solid silicone medical devices are soft and flexible which enables them to feel like a normal muscle once placed. A man can have a more masculine, defined upper body with this straightforward cosmetic procedure.

An easy enhancement

This low-risk procedure can provide men more chest definition in their pectoral region. Men who are in good shape but want to take their chest area to another level can consider chest augmentation. Pectoral implants are also helpful for men who need cosmetic assistance filling out an underdeveloped chest, which can be due to a hereditary condition.

Much like breast implants for women, there are various shapes and sizes of pectoral implants. During a consultation, Dr. Schwartz will assess your body type and discuss the various options available to meet your aesthetic needs and give you optimal results. Chest augmentation procedures usually take about two hours to complete. Since Dr. Schwartz uses his patented Schwartz Rapid Recovery technique, patients are given a gentler form of anesthesia called TIVA which allows for an easier recovery.

Gynecomastia and chest augmentation

Much like breast augmentation for women, chest augmentation can give men with an underdeveloped chest more definition with pectoral implants. However, chest augmentation can also be used as a reduction procedure to help men who are struggling with enlarged male breast tissue, which is a condition called gynecomastia. Gynecomastia doesn't pose any serious health problems for men, but the physical appearance of large, swollen breasts can be damaging to a man's self-esteem. In severe cases of gynecomastia, liposuction and breast reduction surgery can be paired together to reduce the appearance of male breasts and improve the overall shape of a man's chest. Men in the Beverly Hills area who have tried to change the way their breasts look with medications and exercise can turn to chest augmentation with Dr. Schwartz for assistance.

Chest augmentation for men can help with several different issues. Men who want a more athletic look and definition to their chest may opt for pectoral implants. Men who may have an asymmetrical chest meaning one breast is larger or smaller than the other due to a birth defect can look to chest augmentation for help. Pectoral implants can give a symmetrical look to the upper body and change the way men look and feel about themselves. Men feel more confident and athletic when they have a well-defined chest area and chest augmentation can provide those results.

Men shouldn’t be shy about considering cosmetic help in today’s world, especially with chest augmentation. More men are jumping onto the idea cosmetic surgery to address certain aesthetic issues they’d like to fix about their bodies. Whether it is to reduce the size of their breasts due to gynecomastia or to get more pectoral definition with implants, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz is an renown expert in his field, helping numerous men achieve their aesthetic goals. Dr. Schwartz gives his male patients in Beverly Hills the chiseled shape and definition to their chest, enabling them to feel more masculine and self-confident when going shirtless or wearing tight-fitting garments. If you are interested in a chest augmentation procedure please call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Schwartz at his Beverly Hills office today.



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