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How Soon Can I See Results From Vaginismus Treatment?

Dec 31, 2021 | Body

Vaginismus is a condition that causes the pelvic floor muscles to tense and contract involuntarily. This can make sexual intercourse or inserting a tampon uncomfortable or almost impossible. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz is proud to have helped many women overcome these challenges through vaginismus treatment in Beverly Hills, CA.

If you're suffering from a form of sexual dysfunction, you're likely eager to start treatment and see results as soon as possible. But how soon can you expect to see results? This post will explore how vaginismus treatment works and how quickly you'll experience relief from symptoms. Call to schedule a private consultation today.


There is a cycle of pain associated with vaginismus. Pelvic pain may be caused by something physical, psychological, or a combination of both. The fear and anxiety associated with pelvic pain may lead to further involuntary muscle contractions, making sex or tampon insertion even more painful and difficult. This cycle can be very frustrating and discouraging for women and their partners.

The exact cause of vaginismus is unknown. Some psychological factors include fear of pain, a history of sexual abuse or trauma, or stress. Medical conditions that may contribute to vaginismus include:

  • Urinary tract infections or yeast infections

  • Sexually transmitted disease

  • Endometriosis

  • Pelvic cysts or tumors

  • Pelvic inflammatory disease

  • Lichen planus or lichen sclerosis

  • Vaginal prolapse

Age-related changes to the body or pain from difficult vaginal deliveries can also increase your risk of developing vaginismus. Women with vaginismus symptoms or other forms of sexual dysfunction should seek medical counsel in Beverly Hills as soon as possible.


Dr. Schwartz is a leading provider of vaginismus treatment and has helped countless women successfully overcome their condition so they can return to a happy and healthy life. Our unique treatment plan involves injecting neuromodulators (like BOTOX®) directly into the pelvic floor muscles. This breaks the cycle of pelvic pain and tightness, and allows the muscles to relax.

About ten days after vaginismus treatment, patients can begin using aids, like dilators, in addition to physical therapy. This combination helps patients regain their muscle tone and function over time. The great news is that our clinic has seen a 97% success rate through neuromodulators and patients see results shortly after just one treatment session.

Benefits of vaginismus treatment include:

  • Ability to resume normal sexual activities

  • Improvement in relationship with a partner

  • Relief from anxiety and stress associated with sex

  • Ability to use tampons again

  • Increased self-confidence and body image


Many people associate neuromodulators, like BOTOX, with cosmetic procedures because it relaxes the muscles to reduce the appearance of fine lines. However, these injections are also useful for other kinds of medical procedures, including vaginismus treatments. Once BOTOX is administered into the vaginal walls, it may take up to one week for patients to recognize the full effects. Dr. Schwartz can provide more information about what to expect during an initial vaginismus consultation.


Pelvic pain is frustrating and can make your most intimate moments almost impossible. If you are interested in vaginismus treatment in Beverly Hills, CA, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz can review the process in full and answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to provide patients with the best possible results, so let us help you ease your pain.



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