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ThermiVa™ in Beverly Hills, CA


Natural aging, childbirth, and menopause are just a few of the reasons the skin and tissue of the internal and external vaginal areas can become slack, unattractive, and create functional problems. Dr. Schwartz offers ThermiVa nonsurgical vaginal tightening to restore your appearance and sensations. ThermiVa treatments are a quick, painless way to restore vaginal, vulvar, and labial laxity, as well as treat vaginal dryness, stress incontinence, and certain sexual dysfunctions. By heating the internal and external vaginal tissue, ThermiVa stimulates the body’s natural collagen production, which restores and rejuvenates the body. ThermiVa is a wonderful nonsurgical option to help you become more confident and enjoy your body again.


It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Jaime Schwartz he put me completely at ease and now I can’t wait until I have my Plastic Surgery. And he’s was a lot of fun . Very cool man . He answered all the questions that I was worried about . Hope to see you soon

- B.E. / Google / Sep 16, 2020

Que me ayudo con mi problema del dedo excelente trabajo y lo recomiendo es un buen cirujano

- M.M. / Facebook / Feb 02, 2021

I Love love Dr Schwartz he. was very very informative of what I needed to know. the staff was great!!!!!! he answered all my questions he was very careing.and gave me all the leads i need untill i see him again.which i hope will be soon he even gave me a small boost of confidence.i left feeling like a million bucks.❤❤❤peace and blessings to the Doctor and his crew.

- T.R. / Facebook / Sep 30, 2020

I am loving my results and I have never been happier in my entire life. Dr Schwartz and his entire staff are friendly, welcoming and top notch professionals. Highly recommended - definitely the best of the best! ❤️

- H.S. / Facebook / Feb 11, 2021

I could not be happier with my results. Dr Schwartz and his staff are amazing. The best of the best!

- H.S. / Google / Feb 09, 2021


ThermiVa uses a special wand applicator which may be applied externally to labia and vulvar tissues to restore normal tissue tone and function. The specially designed hand piece may also deliver radio frequency energy inside the vagina to revive atrophic tissue and other internal structures. The procedure is quick an and painless, so patients are able to relax during their treatment without anesthesia or sedatives.


There is no downtime with the ThermiVa procedure at Beverly Hills and Dubai office. It is an in-office procedure that can take up to 30 minutes. You will be able to resume all daily activities following the procedure. Three treatments are recommended for optimal results, and most patients will see noticeable improvement after the first or second session.


Recovery Time 5-7 days
Procedure Recovery Location Out-patient

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ThermiVa is designed to treat the vaginal area, including the labia.

  • Vaginal laxity: the treatment will tighten the vagina at the opening and the full length of the vagina.
  • Vulvar or labial laxity: it will tighten the labial tissues and minimize any sagging (“camel toe”). This will result in more comfort in body-hugging clothing.
  • Vaginal dryness: the treatment will create thicker and softer skin and add more moisture both internally and externally to improve daily life and sexual intercourse.
  • Stress incontinence: ThermiVa will help reduce any leakage, accidents, or urge symptoms.
  • Sexual or orgasmic dysfunction: it can help result in heightened sensitivity, more coordinated and stronger muscular contractions, and ability to achieve orgasms in a shorter amount of time.


ThermiRF is a new FDA approved device that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to heat up the deep layers of the skin from inside the body. Using more controlled and carefully monitored delivery of energy right where it is needed most, allows or surgeons to tighten the tissues underneath the skin. Because the heat is not delivered on top of the skin, there is much less discomfort for the patient and superior results are achieved.


Patients will get their best results if they have three initial treatments in three months followed by annual touch-up treatments. Natural aging will continue and significant weight changes can alter the results. Pregnancy and childbirth will also diminish the results, but another set of ThermiVa treatments can restore the patient.