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Earlobe Repair in BEVERLY HILLS, CA


The earlobe is a thin area of skin that allows for piercing. It is also an area that is susceptible to stretching whether on purpose, known as earlobe stretching or gauging, or by natural aging or the weight of the jewelry worn which increases the diameter of the pierced hole. Others may experience trauma where an earring is “ripped” through the skin. If you have noticed earrings falling through the pierced earlobe holes or have stretched them so that the earrings are hanging even lower than they were a few years ago, board-certified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz will be able to repair your stretched or torn earlobes.


No matter the previous history of the earlobe, board-certified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz can repair torn or stretched earlobes.

Dr. Schwartz classifies an earlobe deformity into four different categories:

  1. Mild Earlobe Enlargement- Most clients will state that some of the earrings, particularly posts, are able to fit through the pierced earlobe hole. Depending on the size of the hole, Dr. Schwartz prefers to treat this nonsurgically with dermal hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvéderm or Restylane. These fillers give more support to the existing tissue. However, they are temporary and will need to be refilled.
  2. Moderate Earlobe Enlargement- This is when the earlobe is stretched enough to be able to see through it, but there is also a good amount of tissue or support at the base. Dr. Schwartz prefers to repair this surgically by removing the skin only on the inside of the piercing and closing it together. This can better hide the scar so it is not visible around the earlobe.
  3. Severe Earlobe Enlargement- The hole is extremely stretched and wide with very little skin along the base. This is most common with earlobe stretching or gauging. Dr. Schwartz repairs this surgically by removing the thin area of skin and closing the hole as a straight line.
  4. Torn Earlobe- Whether by trauma or a severe earlobe enlargement that has finally pulled through. This is repaired by reapproximating the sections to create a straight-line closure.

Any of the earlobe enlargements usually can benefit from the addition of a dermal hyaluronic filler to give more support.


Dr. Schwartz performs torn earlobe repair at his Beverly Hills office. He has developed numbing protocols so most patients do not feel anything during the procedure. Everyone that Dr. Schwartz has performed this on has been able to return to work the next day. Your stitches will be removed in a week. Depending upon the severity of the torn earlobe and the skin thickness, Dr. Schwartz may allow the area to be re-pierced between 3 – 6 months.


Dr Schwartz is fantastic! He has the kindest bedside manner, as he is is patient, making sure to explain everything and answer all my questions. I felt extremely comfortable with him the entire time (despite the fact that I am usually very shy, especially with my body). My priority is to keep things natural and Dr Schwartz was on the same page. He has incredible skill. I could not be happier with my result!

- R.L. / Google / Feb 07, 2019

I Love love Dr Schwartz he. was very very informative of what I needed to know. the staff was great!!!!!! he answered all my questions he was very careing.and gave me all the leads i need untill i see him again.which i hope will be soon he even gave me a small boost of confidence.i left feeling like a million bucks.❤❤❤peace and blessings to the Doctor and his crew.

- T.R. / Facebook / Sep 30, 2020

Que me ayudo con mi problema del dedo excelente trabajo y lo recomiendo es un buen cirujano

- M.M. / Facebook / Feb 02, 2021

I am loving my results and I have never been happier in my entire life. Dr Schwartz and his entire staff are friendly, welcoming and top notch professionals. Highly recommended - definitely the best of the best! ❤️

- H.S. / Facebook / Feb 11, 2021

I could not be happier with my results. Dr Schwartz and his staff are amazing. The best of the best!

- H.S. / Google / Feb 09, 2021


A good candidate for gluteal implants is a person who is at their ideal weight or close to it, is in good overall health, wants to improve the shape of their buttocks, and lacks sufficient donor fat for a fat transfer process. The benefits of a butt implant include:

  • Reshaping of the buttocks to desired shape and fullness
  • Making use of solid silicone implants which cannot break or leak fluid into your body
  • Requiring only a single, well-hidden incision
  • Minimizing contact because the implant is placed higher than the bones on which you sit


Clients that are looking for a firmer, fuller rear end can benefit from signature gluteal implants. Unlike breast implants which are soft, the implants used for a gluteal procedure are made of solid silicone, which cannot break or leak fluid into your body. The procedure is very straightforward, and it requires just a single incision, which, once healed, is usually kept very well hidden underneath your rear end or in the cleft at the base of your sacrum. You do not sit on the implant because it is placed somewhat higher than the bones on which you actually sit.


The recovery time for your gluteal implant procedure will typically be between 1 – 2 weeks. Most patients are back to work within two weeks. During the initial recovery period, you will be instructed to limit sitting or lying down on your buttocks to allow the implants to settle into their proper positions. You may also be given a compression garment to reduce swelling.


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