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Facial Fat Grafting in Beverly Hills, CA


There are numerous treatments available today that can rejuvenate the contours of the face and add volume to areas where it has been depleted. Fillers are a popular and effective choice. However, some of our Beverly Hills patients prefer an autologous (natural) approach over fillers. Beverly Hills board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime S. Schwartz offers patients fat grafting to the face, which creates natural-looking outcomes and long-lasting benefits for the skin.

Lost volume, often caused by aging or weight loss, is usually more pronounced in the areas around the cheeks, jawline, and eyes. Fat grafting to the face can be used to correct some of the more typical signs of aging and it adds fullness by smoothing lines, wrinkles, and folds throughout your face with your own fat tissue. By removing unwanted fat from areas of your body, Dr. Schwartz can skillfully inject the purified fat to the desired parts of your face for lasting, beautiful results. With fat grafting to the face, you don't just see a rejuvenated facial appearance, you get to improve your body contour as well. Facial Fat Grafting treatment is being done at Dr. Jaime S. Schwartz's office at Beverly Hills, California, or his Dubai, UAE office.


Dr Schwartz is fantastic! He has the kindest bedside manner, as he is is patient, making sure to explain everything and answer all my questions. I felt extremely comfortable with him the entire time (despite the fact that I am usually very shy, especially with my body). My priority is to keep things natural and Dr Schwartz was on the same page. He has incredible skill. I could not be happier with my result!

- R.L. / Google / Feb 07, 2019

I Love love Dr Schwartz he. was very very informative of what I needed to know. the staff was great!!!!!! he answered all my questions he was very careing.and gave me all the leads i need untill i see him again.which i hope will be soon he even gave me a small boost of confidence.i left feeling like a million bucks.❤❤❤peace and blessings to the Doctor and his crew.

- T.R. / Facebook / Sep 30, 2020

Que me ayudo con mi problema del dedo excelente trabajo y lo recomiendo es un buen cirujano

- M.M. / Facebook / Feb 02, 2021

I am loving my results and I have never been happier in my entire life. Dr Schwartz and his entire staff are friendly, welcoming and top notch professionals. Highly recommended - definitely the best of the best! ❤️

- H.S. / Facebook / Feb 11, 2021

I could not be happier with my results. Dr Schwartz and his staff are amazing. The best of the best!

- H.S. / Google / Feb 09, 2021


You may be an excellent patient for facial fat grafting if you are interested in a natural method to attain a more rejuvenated and smoother facial appearance by increasing fullness to certain areas on your face. Both men and women who have experienced a major weight loss or those noticing symptoms of aging are candidates for this procedure. In addition, it is an acceptable alternative if you have an intolerance, allergy, or aversion to classic dermal fillers. This procedure is a minimally invasive treatment that typically does not cause facial scarring. There may be very light scarring in the area where the fat removal occurred but the incisions are small, keyhole marks that heal nicely. The great news is that many patients receive the added bonus of body contouring in the area where liposuction was used to remove the fat. The most successful results occur in individuals who have maintained a moderate amount of skin elasticity, but desire to attain smoothness and restore volume.


A fat transfer is a two-step process that starts with liposuction of predetermined body parts. Fat is most commonly suctioned from the hips, abdomen, or flanks and only small amounts of fat are typically needed for a facial fat transfer. Once the fat has been removed via liposuction, it is refined to a more pure state so that Dr. Schwartz can inject it into locations on the face where volume is desired. Facial fat grafting is most commonly applied to the mid-face or cheek area, as well as the laugh lines, areas around the lips, or directly into the lips for lip augmentation. During the injection process, Dr. Schwartz uses a layering effect with the fat and utilizes various techniques and injection angles to provide high absorption rates into your skin, as well as to create an even, natural surface appearance.


Facial fat grafting is an outpatient procedure. It is generally performed in one appointment session and may use some form of anesthesia depending on the quantity of fat being removed and injected. This treatment is often combined with other nonsurgical procedures such as BOTOX or laser skin resurfacing. In addition, for patients undergoing cosmetic facial surgery such as a facelift or brow lift, it can be incorporated during or after surgery to complement the surgical results. If your procedure appointment only includes facial fat grafting, then the healing period should be one week or less with excellent results noticed in two days. This rapid recovery makes the treatment an outstanding choice for a quick, beautiful outcome.


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How much does this cost?

The cost for a fat transfer is based on how much fat is being extracted and the size of the area that needs volume. Facial fat grafting can run about the same price as some injectable fillers, the difference is that it is a two-step process since fat is first removed using liposuction. After a thorough assessment, we will determine how many injections are needed to create the desired volume and will prepare a treatment plan with costs for you to consider.

Filler or fat transfer?

The injectable filler market has made huge strides offering patients wonderful options for adding facial volume and softness. While many patients prefer fillers for ease and convenience, others desire a natural approach by using their own fat. Both methods create effective, gorgeous results. In addition, both methods only last so long. Whether you use a dermal filler or fat, the result will generally last up to only a couple of years before a touch-up or additional injection is needed. Patients who are very thin and have limited body fat may not be candidates for a fat transfer, thus a filler may be their best option.

Can it be combined with another procedure?

Yes. Facial fat grafting, similar to injectable fillers, can commonly be combined with other treatments such as BOTOX or a laser peel. In addition, patients who undergo facial cosmetic surgery, such as a facelift, neck lift, or chin augmentation, often need additional volume to create the soft result they are seeking. Therefore, this procedure has become a popular treatment to complement a surgical result or to enhance the outcome of other nonsurgical skin rejuvenation procedures.

How long does it take?

The procedure time for a facial fat transfer will vary depending on how much fat is being removed, as well as the volume needed to attain the desired result. While most dermal filler injections take 30 minutes or less, a facial fat transfer is a more tedious approach due to the treatment process, which is completed in two steps. For most patients, facial fat grafting alone usually takes just about an hour.

Most common areas for use?

Facial fat grafting can be used in a number of locations to fill in volume, add softness, and create a younger-looking effect on the face. It is ideally designed to augment or enhance the mid-face or cheek bones so that this area appears fuller and lifted without having to undergo surgery. In addition, it can also be used as a natural lip filler. We use the most innovative techniques in fat grafting so the results are natural looking and long lasting.


A facial fat transfer is an incredible way to add volume, soften lines, and enhance your facial appearance. If you desire a more youthful, radiant look with a short recovery, we invite you to find out more about the fat transfer process by visiting with Dr. Schwartz at our Beverly Hills plastic surgery office. It's a great choice for those who want a natural improvement and long-lasting results.